LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers – Manage Your Endorsements

Manage your endorsements on LinkedInYou sit at your computer and an email from LinkedIn pops up notifying you a connection has endorsed you for your legal abilities in real estate – only problem is your practice consists of immigration work. Although your connections mean well by endorsing your skills, their endorsement might not be for the areas you practice in or how you want to represent your practice. You start to take notice of LinkedIn Endorsements and think to yourself, “What can I do to manage my endorsements better?” Thankfully, managing your endorsements on LinkedIn isn’t as hard as it might seem. There are several approaches you can take to manage your endorsements quickly and easily.

Skills & Endorsement Section on Linkedin in Edit mode

LinkedIn Tips – Manage Your Endorsements

  1. You can decline to be endorsed at all – Simply select “no” where LinkedIn asks if you want to be endorsed.  The downfall there is you won’t be able to show off your strengths either.
  2. Delete skill you were endorsed for – To completely remove a skill category from your skills/endorsement, scroll to the skills section in your profile, hover and click the pencil next to your skills to edit. Under the “Add & Remove”, simply, click the “X” next to your skill to delete. It will remove the skill, along with the recommendations associated with it.
  3. Hide skill/endorsement – If you don’t want to completely delete your skill, but don’t necessarily want to show who has endorsed you for that particular skill, you can move over to the “Manage Endorsements” area. Here you can control if your endorsement is shown or hidden. You can also choose which connection endorsements are seen.
  4. Change the order – If you are happy with your skills & endorsements, but you would like to tweak the order that they are in, you can do that too. While in the editing area for Skills & Endorsements, in the “Add & Remove” area, hover over the skill, click and hold down. You can drag and drop to the place in the list you would like the skill to be.

All attorneys worry as to how LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations fit within the Rules of Professional Conduct set by their state. Texas does not specifically address Endorsements, however, does give guidelines regarding Recommendations.

For more information on social media and Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct – Texas Young Lawyer Association Pocket Guide: Social Media 101.

For more information on Endorsements, please consult LinkedIn’s Help Center.

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