How to: Grow Your Brand on Instagram

How to grow your brand on Instagram and get noticed.


The power of Instagram is enormous – more than 16 billion photos have been shared to date, with an average of 55 million uploaded each day. Social media users interact with brands on Instagram 58 times more than they do on Facebook, and a whopping 120 times more than on Twitter. With so many users, it’s hard to get noticed. Increasing brand visibility and building a community on Instagram is one of the most challenging things to do, but follow these 5 steps and you will reach your goal in no time.

You may already be posting the most beautiful photos in the world, but without an effective strategy – no one will ever discover you or your brand. Whether you are a small business, interior designer, or aspiring blogger. Use these tips and tricks to grow your brand and unleash the power of Instagram.


1. Have a purpose.

Why are people going to click the follow button? For aspirational clothing ideas? For inspiring photography? Whatever the reason may be, stick to your branding message and honor the covenant of what your followers signed up for. They will hit the unfollow button if you decide to start posting picture of your cat.

2. Engage followers.

You must stay engaged with followers to maintain and increase follow base. This is especially true if you don’t have the name recognition. Post photos regularly and engage in conversation. The best way to get someone’s attention is to leave a thoughtful comment.

3. Steal competitor’s followers.

Who are the industry leaders? What account are you turning to for inspiration? See who is following that account, and follow them! People who are interested in your competitors should be interested in you, too.

4. Utilize best practices for hashtags.

Don’t use generic hashtags like #love or #instagood. Find out what hashtags are relevant for your industry and be sure to tag your photos. Keep hashtags saved in a note on your phone to copy and paste for quick access. Post your hashtags as a comment so it doesn’t distract from the caption.

5. Useful applications:

Iconosquare: Log onto this website regularly to view statistics, insights and engagement optimization.

Schedugram: This platform costs $20/month, but it saves you time by letting you upload and schedule images to post at a later time.

Whitagram: Use Whitagram when images won’t crop to a square. This app will add a white (or any color) border to the image.

PicPlayPost: There are lots of collage apps, but PicPlayPost is useful because you can also include videos and make the collage borderless.

Followers + Fasted and easiest app to follow and unfollow other users.



Your Instagram feed should be a mix of brand reminders, lifestyle images, fun and engaging posts. There are no “rules” for Instagram. Be creative! The most important thing is to connect with your followers and personalize your brand. Remember why people are clicking the follow button and always honor that covenant. If you follow these pointers you will grow your brand on Instagram in no time.




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