Establish Social Media Credibility For Your Brand

Establish Social Media CredibilityWhy is your brand using social media? It’s a question that every brand wanting to establish social media credibility needs to address now. It’s also a question that requires a more focused answer than a general line on why social media is important for business. While that’s healthy to recognize, it’s also a foregone conclusion in 2015. Still, many organizations stop there and start posting … with no purpose.

The secret to establishing social media credibility is purpose. Purpose is what separates a useful and engaging social media presence, from an out-of-touch, spammy social media presence. It’s easy to spot brands who are just there to be there, and brands who have a specific purpose for being there. Actually, it’s a fun test you can try any time with a simple scroll through your social media feeds.

Establish Social Media Credibility

The good news is that it isn’t hard to integrate purpose and vision into your brand’s social media presence. As humans, we appreciate helpful, useful content that makes our lives better or easier in some way. Don’t you? It’s simply a matter of translating the value your organization already provides into the social media world. The payoff is social media credibility.

George Washington Carver was an American inventor who established plenty of credibility in his time by offering ideas that were useful and helpful. He said it well when he said, “Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” This is true in life and in business…and it’s no different in the world of social media. So what purpose does your brand have for utilizing social media? What unique value can your brand offer to individuals using social media?

Here are four steps to help you infuse purpose and establish social media credibility for your brand:

1. Understand your brand’s purpose

Why does your organization exist? What unique value does it provide?
How are you already accomplishing its purpose?
What do you provide that satisfies customer’s needs?

2. Define social media’s role

How will it support your vision?
What existing strategies can it support?
How can it enhance customer experience?

3. Set measurable goals

What does social media success look like?
How will  you know if social media is fulfilling its purpose?
Align goals with key business objectives.

4. Measure and adapt

What will you measure to know if you’re meeting your goals?
Listen to customers, learn new channels, report metrics. Don’t be stagnant.
Fall back on social media purpose before making strategic decisions.

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