Born in the USA

Bruce Springsteen & Born in the USA

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Hottest Concert-1984

Bruce Springsteen, who was born in the USA  could be a major influence on one’s personal life; even if  you are not an avid fan of rock ‘n’ roll fan. If you did not attend an earlier ‘Bruce Springsteen” concert in the 70’s then you could not anticipate or even compare his concert-Born in the USA which debut  in 1984. This was the concert that launched the Boss’ career from a nightclub rock ‘n’ roll musician into a mega star. Bruce step into the world of celebrity culture, with other famous musicians such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna yet he distinguished This tour was different from the others which sets the stage for Bruce Springsteen future albums and concert days.  He was a true artist who was always experimenting and delivering his own political and social views through his music and songs.  He wanted to try things. For the cover of the album, he used a famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz who selected the American Flag as the backdrop. Bruce Springsteen stood facing the American Flag and was simply dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans with a red baseball cap hanging from his back pocket on his jeans. This image was another indicator that set the stage for political and social endeavors to come. It wasn’t just the American Flag for a backdrop that everyone was talking about, he became an overnight wonder with the women in the crows. Bruce had always attracted the female audience with his physical appearance but now he transformed himself from a skinny little guy to his physical appearance with huge muscular arms: “biceps that would reduce Popeye to tears,” as Joyce Millman wrote.” He changed from eating fast food to a new food regime and exercise program. 

The tour presented over 22 songs between Born in the USA and Nebraska. Not only the sequence of the songs were difficult to arrange but two new band members were added to the group. It was also the first time the band members added mobility of playing with wireless amplification. For the first time, he created a video “Dancing in the Dark” that “was controversial but according to Jon Landau, “it broadened Bruce’s appeal, especially with women and teens.”

Bruce Springsteen seventh album was a smash hit but it was a pop smash hit. It launched seven Top 10 singles and selling more than 20 million copies. Springsteen became not only an American rock ’n’ roll superstar but a worldwide

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