The Bespoke Boy Becomes Suited Up


You’ve been measured, careful notes on your fit, cuff, collar, and shirt fabric selections have been taken. Off she goes to place your preferences and order is in production. You’re on your way to building a wardrobe that will be the office envy. In about four weeks your JHilburn Personal Stylist will deliver the shirt to you. She’ll arrange to meet at a comfortable location. She’s taken the time to lightly press your shirt, place on hanger, and deliver your first shirt. The minute you see it you’re excited. She encourages you to try it on. You excuse yourself to the Men’s Room. What a great fit. You take a look in the mirror and check out the cuff and collar. You know this one won’t be hitting pile in the corner floor.
As you step out to return, you notice a few heads turn. This feels good on your skin.Why hadn’t you done this sooner? As you return to the table, your Personal Stylist asks, “How does it fit? You share your thoughts. Your Personal Stylist shares with you the steps on how to take care of your JHilburn #shirt. The care process seems easy. Wash in cold water, lightly tumble to dry, and just before the dryer setting turns to off, take the shirt out, button collars when applicable, button the first few top buttons from the neck down, and hang. In the world of custom shirts it’s best to have at least seven hanging and ready with seven at the cleaners for laundering. Again, ask for cold water wash, no starch, or a light starch if they insist. Always inspect shirts upon receipt. Not all cleaners have “on site” cleaning. In some cases. the cleaning is parcelled to an off site cleaners. That’s a red flag.

Crafting your Bespoke Suit

The Bespoke Boy

How about a personalized #suit to compete the package? The #JHilburn #bespoke┬ásuit has personalized selections in notch, pockets, vents, working buttons, an array of buttons lining, a large array of suiting fabrics, and a vest to complete the elements of suiting is also offered. And as a special feature to your suit coat on the inside right you’ll find a label stating you’ve crafted the suit. More info at

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