Social Media in focus at the Mobile World Congress 2015

It is all about that “connection” !Connecting-People1

This event has happened since 1987 in the city of Barcelona, Spain. All these years the main focus of this event have been GSM mobile telecom operators in the world. But this year, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was invited to be one of the key guest speaker and present new ideas of Social Media . The first question he got was : “Why is a Social Media company like Facebook leading the change of the world bringing internet to everyone ?”

Facebook together with some telecom operators are bringing the internet to markets that haven’t tried the experience of being connected with family and friends. The project that they are working on it is called

Facebook is helping telecom operators to increase their business. You must ask how ? There are still many places in the world that people are not connected. Just because Facebook is so popular and people want to be part of this network society, they have heard about it. As a Telecom Operator you cannot just say buy my “data plan”, or voice plan or text plan. As a customer you asked : What is that all about ? I already have a fix line or maybe just a mobile line .  Why shall I have a data plane ?

video-call-hero-pc-verizonAs Facebook CEO mentioned on his presentation , you need to show to the people the value of being connected ! When you can show that with the data plan, that they can not only talk but also see their friends and relatives through a terminal like a tablet or a pc ! You can say “Seeing is believing”. People need to see the value on their new investment.

In that case it is a “win win” situation for both Facebook and the Telecom operators. They are dependent on each other for their grown for future investments. The telecom operators need to increase their cash so they can invest in more infrastructure and Facebook needs the infrastructure to exist !

It is all about connection that matters , the rest is technology !

You can listen to the interview clicking the link bellow:

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