Freelancers Use Social Media to Connect with New Clients

Freelancers Use Social Media

No Man is an island” is a quotation from English poet, John Donne. It is exerpt from a poem which referes to mankind’s need to have interaction with others to thrive. In the world of freelance we often feel out-of-touch when working in our own environment (island) without being in the physical presence of others. With more and more freelancers in general work poulation, social media plays a large role in this thriving workstyle.

John Donne would have never imagined that we would be able to communicate via the web when he wrote his poem but he was correct in that we must be interconnected to thrive. With social media, we connect in real-time with our friends, other freelancers, customers and clients. Freelancers use social media to connect with new clients to generate business from their islands.

Here are a Few Ways Freelancers Use Social Media to Connect with New Clients

Writing a Blog

Your blog should be your virtual office, where discussions can be had, ideas shared and insightful content will position you as a credible resource to hire for your expertise in the field. WordPress is a great social solution to link several of your social media channels as well as draw clients to your all-in-one website.


Depending on your line of business, LinkedIn can be your social media life line to great employment opportunities. You can generate leads with creative responses and introductions to prospective clients that viewed your profile. For example, write a note to those whom recently viewed your profile and sell yourself. Clients like action, remember, they came looking for you! Even if there is a full-time position open, there may ne a need to hire a freelancer till a full-time person is chosen.


It’s all about the content, relevant hashtaging and keywords that will bring opportunity. Write about current projects with imagery of current work and your successes. Share relevant information to position yourself as an idea generator and thoughts that coincide with out own.


While FaceBook is more of a personal channel, your friends and their friends will see your posts. Create a professional business page and peruse prospective clients that have unappealing design and content which will give you selling points when prospecting these potential clients.


YouTube can be a powerful tool if you are creative and/or have the gift of communication. None wants to come off looking unpolished in a series of video. If you have the power of persuasion and “feel” comfortable in front of a camera, you will have success. You might also create videos that highlight your unique talents with moving graphics and viral content that captures interest.


Reach out to friends on Google+. Join circles of like-minded individuals to connect with individuals that may be looking for a person with your talents. Prospect with individuals thorough your network.

Freelancers Use Social Media to Connect with Each Other

While may of us are a one-man show, there is plenty of room to collaborate with other freelancers from different specialties. You can utilize their talents to win those larger accounts and work together on a bigger island!

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