Community non-profit engagement strategy ideas

Community non-profit engagement strategy ideas

Do you want to develop your nonprofit while raising awareness in your community? Would you like to maintain your clients and grow that number? You need a “Community non-profit engagement strategy”. A committee meeting is a great place to collaborate ideas and information needed to present your current and new members of your non-profit. Having a nonprofit updated checklist is vital to your success.

Community non-profit engagement strategy ideas

  • 3 – 5 year plan
  • List of current and past investors/ members and their contact information
  • Non profit staff and committee contact list and job title
  • Audience, groups and companies targeted
  • Mission statement
  • Strategy plan (when and who will make these point of contact)
  • Budget plan with a priority list (look for public service advertising to help your budget)
  • Current literature on your non-profit
  • List of events and dates
  • Website address
  • Social Media sites
  • Digital contacts and help lines
  • Internal opportunities
  • Statistics reports
  • How your non-profit benefits their business and our community

Community non-profit engagement strategy ideas in action

After your powerful meeting you will have your fuel to engage your community. Priority should go to your current investors/ members of your organization. Contacting your current members will be handled mainly digitally though emails and cookies to their office. Contacting the past members require more quality time. Digging in deep and bringing them back. This is where the tools you have obtained in your committee meeting comes in handy. New potential members can be very time-consuming.
Your first time approaching a new business in your community can be scary. Remember that a business gets hit up for donations and business investments by reps daily. You are different you have a wonderful cause and are more than ready to help them in their own way.

Start by researching the company and contacting them digitally and or by the phone. Make an appointment and you are set! Sometimes you will not hear back from the company now it is time for your next step, personal contact. Prepare yourself for the rollercoaster you are about to go on.Use your community non-profit engagement strategy ideas. A great habit to get into is recall,and research as many facts about your non-profit as possible.  You walk in and are greeted by a lady at the desk with a warm “Hello and welcome how may I help you today? “. Everyone you come into contact with is an asset your non-profit. You replay and introduce yourself, the non-profit, mission statement, and how you came to be involved in this wonderful organization . Ask them if they are already involved in some why with your non-profit.  Following with are you the owner or manager, assuming they are. If not who should I contact regarding these matters get your new lead and make them fall in love with your cause.

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