Why people write blogs

different words on chalkboard, focusing around the word blogHaving grown up in a culture where people tend to be reserved and keep things to themselves, we tend to look suspiciously at people who are sharing lots of personal stuff with friends, acquaintances and sometimes even complete strangers. So, the concept of writing a blog about me, my life and what I do all day long just seems a little suspicious or even pretentious.

Over the course of my Certificate program at SMU, I started reading more blogs (especially bloggers I do not know), trying to find out why people write blogs and what they write about. It’s been an interesting journey so far.

Blogging – from online journal to much, much more

When I first started to see blogs pop up here and there, people used it mainly to share their personal lives online, blogs were almost like an online journal. And many people still do that – mainly when they move abroad or travel for a long period of time, it is still a great tool to keep family and friends back home informed about what they experience in their “new” lives.
Today, blogging has evolved from being rather personal to pursuing more professional goals. People often blog to promote their personal brand and/or their business. Let’s look at some of the typical reasons why people start to blog.

People blog – to share their passion

When you are passionate about something, you might want to share it with the world, or at least some readers who share the same passion. Or who might become just as passionate as you, being motivated by your passionate writing. Whatever you passion is, sharing it with someone else make it even more fun.

People blog – to educate others

Maybe you love to teach or you would like to share your knowledge in your specific area of expertise. Blogging can be a platform for just that. You will be able to teach others, but you will ultimately also learn a lot yourself, because you will be reading much more, trying to find interesting content, different opinions and thinking about what might interest your readers.

People blog – to gain exposure

Business owners who blog increase exposure for their business in a number of ways. Creating blog content on a regular basis for your website gives Google something new to index, thus increasing your website’s visibility in search results. Creating blog content for other publications in your industry gives new, relevant audiences the opportunity to discover you and your business. This exposure gives you more traffic that you can convert into leads and customers.

People blog – to build authority

Blogging is an excellent platform to build authority. As you blog about a topic you are most knowledgeable about, people will begin to recognize you as an authority or subject matter expert in that particular area. This recognition can lead to interviews, podcasts, and ultimately invitations to speak and maybe even contracts to publish a book.

People blog – to have content to share

Social media audiences are more receptive to blog posts than they are ads or sales pages. Also, they are much more likely to share blog posts with their connections than ads or sales pages. By creating blog content, you give yourself more to share on your social media profiles. And you give your visitors something to share when they visit your website. Social sharing of your content will increase exposure to your target audiences and lead to more incoming traffic.

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