WGSN Cites Trends in Social Apps

Vive mobile app image

(Photo courtesy of Adweek.com)

WGSN an international trends forecasting company used predominantly by the fashion industry, cites trends in social apps may  surprise app users. Social apps are continuing to be among one of the hottest trends in the mobile space.


Millennials are big app fans and will love these. Miranda July’s Somebody http://somebodyapp.com/ app allows you to write a message, send that message to someone else nearby who also has the app, so that person can deliver the message verbally to the intended recipient. If you’re sad or happy, for example, the app also allows adding emotions for the messenger to act out, like crying, or laughing. Currently available for free at iTunes, Somebody was tested out on fashion brand Miu Miu in a recent ad campaign that can be seen on YouTube. The key is there must be a large group of Somebody users within a confined space, such as a party. Miranda July sees this app “as a world-wide art project inciting performance, connection between strangers and conversation about the value of inefficiency and risk.” Check it out here. http://bit.ly/16Uv6k7 Sounds like great fun for a fashion show where Millennials tend to show up in droves.


WGSN gives us another app for the Millennial crowd, called 20 Day Stranger http://www.20daystranger.com/ . “It encourages unexpected connections by acting as a portal into another person’s life. Users receive updates on what their new friend is doing for 20 days. Could be kind of spooky! If you remember your mom as your personal alarm clock, yelling up from the kitchen for you to get out of bed, there’s something like it in Wakie http://wakie.com/. This replacement for your alarm clock –and your mom–wakes you with a nice call from somebody at the other end of the world. Vive, http://vive.me/ a video chat app, already gaining momentum with Millennials, connects perfect strangers who have similar interests, like fashion or style. WGSN tells us that “predictable algorithms are so often responsible for connecting individuals online,” and with the new social apps there’s a new way to connect yet “break away from these contact loops.”

A think tank with its finger on the pulse of consumer behavior, WGSN wgsn.com/en/ says 2015 will “undergo a distinct shift” with changes particularly happening in the world of mobile technology innovation. Apps are just a tip of the ice berg.

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