Tips and Tools for Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram for businessSo many companies are successful at creating Instagram marketing strategies that it makes this visual social media network seem like it’s easy to use. However, it is a little more complicated than just pressing a few buttons. Instagram is now host to over 300 million active users and they are 58 times more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 more likely than Twitter users. With stats like these, it seems like including Instagram in your business’s marketing strategies is a no brainer. Before creating an account, take into consideration these tips and tools for Instagram marketing strategies.

Make Clear Goals

What is this account going to be used for? Are you creating brand awareness or looking to give your consumers a sneak peak behind the scenes? Instagram can be great for story telling, creating hype for your business, and increasing public awareness.

TSA Instagram PostFor example, TSA has an account that shows various items they confiscate from checked bags and carry ons. They use hashtags to show which airport the item came from. TSA’s Instagram account also uses pictures to illustrate travel tips and shares pictures of the explosive detection canines. Their Instagram marketing strategy is a balance of behind the scenes looks, helpful information, and cute animals which all work together to personalize and humanize TSA.


Content Should Be To The Point

Sephora Instagram ScreenshotYour content should reflect you business’s goals and Instagram marketing strategies. Only post content that is relevant to avoid losing followers and interest in your brand. With Instagram, quality over quantity is key. Use high quality photos that have been edited outside of Instagram if possible. Taking the time to create high quality content shows how dedicated you are to your business. The same idea applies to the text you post with your photo. Hashtag appropriately and don’t rant in the description. Let the high quality photos speak for themselves. Sephora follows these guidelines in their posts by posting great photos with a short description and hashtag.

Interact with you Audience

Oreo Instagram ScreenshotYour business’s Instagram marketing strategies should include a high level of interaction with your audience so don’t ignore them! Invite followers to submit their photos using hashtags for contests and promotions. Getting followers involved in the conversation and highlighting their submissions will strengthen their connection with you business. For example, Oreo regrams their followers work and gives them credit. This particular post uses another Instagram user’s photo and Oreo’s hashtags for the Red Velvet Oreo. This promotes the fan and the limited edition cookie.


Monitoring and Analysis

It is important to see if your Instagram marketing strategies are effective. Using different tools will help you monitor what is being said about your business. Pay close attention to what your followers are saying and what hashtags they are using. Iconosquare (formerly Statigram), Union Metrics, and Simply Measured both provide monitoring and analysis of your Instagram account. Social Rank is about to launch their analytics system for Instagram too. Find one that works for you and your business.


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