It’s Time to Chat about SnapChat

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It’s Time to Chat about SnapChat


It’s a typical weekend and your teenager’s friends come over for a visit. They are eager to play video games, go outside or go shopping. As usual you impede their progress with a quick discussion. Instead of talking about their social lives or school, we find ourselves engaging them in conversation about the latest social media communications they are using. This is how, as adults, we first heard about SnapChat. Most of us saw it as a mischievous teen app with potentially bad implications. According to, – “SnapChat was built seemingly to conquer the ill’s of sexting and taking inappropriate pictures”. Oh no! It’s time to chat about SnapChat.

SnapChat Has Since Grown Up

Much has changed and within a very short time. Snapchat is 3 years old and has been steadily gaining users, most of whom are the in the 13 to 23 age range and growing a larger adult demographic. Users of all ages are adopting SnapChat to get news, entertainment and utilize it’s messaging capabilities. Updates to the app are frequent with new features added weekly. SnapChat Inc. is growing so fast that it is seeking funding that would value the company as high as $19 billion.

How it Works

SnapChat is a video and image messaging app that allows the user share it with other Snapchat users that are listed as friends. The “Snaps” are customizable images or video that are available to be viewed up to 10 seconds then disappear. Short editorial channels are available within the app from media brands such as Discover, CNN, National Geographic and ESPN. Recent news from says that SnapChat allows the user to record video while playing music at the same time. All of this in one app? Yes and more! Display your business or personal Snaptag to gain friends and followers. It works similar to a QR Code but opens in SnapChat which helps build your follower base. This is social media/ marketers new playground that will allow customized images and video to get messaging out immediately to friends and consumers.



If you’d like to see how it works and view a quick snap on Snapchat Stories by pointing your Snapchat at my Snaptag QR code.


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