The Wendy Williams Show and her Social Media team.

The Social Media team for the Wendy Williams Show, is one of the best in the business.

During the Nielsen November 2014 sweep, Wendy Williams faced an avalanche of criticism on Social Media.  The negative, and insulting tweets, posts, and comments were the result of a less than perfect biopic called “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”.  Which premiered on the Lifetime cable channel during this critical ratings period.  Wendy Williams, host of her own syndicated talk show was Executive Producer of the title.  All month, as the air date for the Aaliyah project neared.  Ms Williams shamelessly promoted “Aaliyah” on her daily syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams website, and via Social Media.  Promising to “get it right”, and produce a film that everyone could be proud of.  A tribute to Aaliyah, the much loved and revered singer/actress, who died tragically in a plane crash during the summer of 2001.   She left this world at age 22, on the verge of true super stardom.  Fortunately for Ms Williams, her Social Media team was “listening”, and may have saved The Wendy Williams Show.

From the start, there were problems developing the title.  First, Aaliyah’s parents refused to allow the usage of original music in the film.  Then, one major actress, followed by others dropped out of the project.  Still with limited resources, the project moved forward.  A process covered step by step on Social Media.  Many voiced their concern, and felt the project should not continue.  However, throughout the process, Ms. Williams used her various platforms to promote the title.

The result can only be called a disaster, as the critics were swift, and lethal.  Social Media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram lit up the internet.  Critics not only trashed the movie, but went after Wendy Williams personally.  The onslaught of toxic tweets, posts, and comments demanded a personal on-air apology from Ms Williams.  This situation was made worst, when Ms Williams while addressing the movie on-air, said “her phone was broken”.  And that she was unaware of the backlash on Social Media until that morning.  The less than sincere excuses only enraged the critics, and they started discussing a boycott of the show.  The internet erupted in pointed, hostile criticism of Wendy Williams over the next several days.  Finally, with everyone watching and waiting, Wendy addressed the biopic on the show.  In total triumph and a big smile, Wendy Williams said that the movie was a huge success!  And was the #2 rated title to air on Lifetime in all of 2014.  Again, the Social Media team was listening, and may have saved The Wendy Williams Show.

Over the next few days, positive tweets, posts, and comments started to hit the platforms.  In some cases, addressing an insult, and suggesting “its time to move on”. Within the next few weeks, the boycott had lost steam, and the critics decided to let sleeping dogs lie silent.  Again, her excellent Social Media team may have saved the Wendy Williams Show.

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