Syncing Your Blog to Goodreads

This is an illustration of books lined up with the words Goodreads, meet your next favorite book.To say that authors should be on Goodreads, and making the most of all its marketing potential, is like saying that scrapbooking companies should have a Pinterest presence. It’s just common sense niche social media marketing, right? Goodreads has over 25 million users and active readers. It’s an author’s gold mine. But many authors don’t make the most of Goodreads. If you already write a blog, did you know that you can enhance its reach and gain potential new readers by syncing your blog to Goodreads?

It’s important to note that in order to have your blog on Goodreads, you have to be a Goodreads Author. That means that you have to apply to Goodreads and be approved. Here’s how. Once you’re approved, you get that little “Goodreads Author” badge by your name. Additionally, when you get approved as an author, your user profile and your author profile are merged so there’s no confusion.

Syncing Your Blog to Goodreads is Easy

So let’s say you have a blog on your website or on WordPress. All you do is figure out your RSS feed is to go to view and choose the page source or source option and then use the “find” feature to search for RSS. For more detailed instructions click here.

Then go to your author profile on Goodreads and click on “view your blog.” Then follow the instructions for syncing your blog.

What To Do Now That You’ve Synced Your Blog to Goodreads

Now you connect with your readers, of course! Writer’s Digest’s Brian Klems wrote a blog post on How to Get The Most of out Goodreads and talked about how Goodreads can help build your author platform.

Just like any social media platform, Goodreads rewards those who participate and give freely, whether it’s through reviews of other peoples’ books, contributions to group discussions, or book giveaways. The more you give, the more Goodreads users will give back by clicking on your author profile and reading and responding to your blog, and clicking on the link to your website in that blog. So don’t let your fear of technology hold you back from syncing your blog to Goodreads. The extra audience you’ll have access to is well worth it.

Need some inspiration? See how author John Green is using the blog sync feature of Goodreads to successfully engage with readers.

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