Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

ChefSo, you have a restaurateur that would like to engage their establishment with social media marketing. The establishment has been successfully generating business by word-of-mouth, but has no presence in social media. The restaurant does have a website with limited function and no previous marketing efforts or assets. This is a perfect opportunity build brand equity and develop a long lasting relationship with your culinary client. Now, time to get busy implementing a social media marketing strategy from the ground up.

Create a Digital Dining Experience

This is a perfect opportunity to infuse a new website, blog and social media channels to recreate a dining experience to generate more buzz, higher SEO and most importantly, create more loyal customers. In the food industry, great food pics, service and atmosphere “vibe” imagery is a must to gain customers. Here are some social media marketing tips to create a successful campaign.

Social Media Marketing on a PlateSocial Media Marketing for Restaurants – Menu


A majority of the upfront budget is going to the newly designed website.It should be functional with menu, online ordering capabilities and catering services. The website is the home beacon to the restaurant and it is the one place to capture the food appeal, menu specials, location information and vibe of the establishment.


Foodies love to read about – food. Write engaging content describing the freshness and taste of the featured menu items, recipies and featured cocktails. Blogs about community events or sponsorships and how you give back as community supporter.


Let the customers know the restaurant has a Facebook! Feature specials and pictures apetizing dishes along with a hero drink shot or two. Advertising, particularly recommended likes promotes your page to the friends of the people who already like the page. A person is more likely to ‘like’ something that their friend does.

The Cheese Cake Factory and Mattito’s Tex-Mex are a few examples of pages with great content and imagery.


Tweeting specials, menu changes, events and pictures would be a good place to start. You have to get followers there as well, so be sure to promote your twitter account to your customers too. Respond quickly to a customers tweet when they mention you!


Instragram is a great social media channel to feature great food and drink photography and short videos.


Create a personalized restaurant board for followers to post their special moments and celebrations at the restaurant.


YouTube offers an opportunity to show how a dishes are prepared, recipes and give a personal messages form employees, patrons and social events.


SnapChat can be used to update daily specials and show upcoming and real-time events to followers.

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