Social Media Marketing and the Oscar’s 2015



Social Media Marketing is like any other competition.

Quoting Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military general and strategist.  Every war is won before it is ever fought.  When related to the Oscar’s, and it’s Social Media Marketing plan.  One can easily determine that 2015 performance, would fall short of expectations.  The Oscar’s award ceremony 2014, was hosted by comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres.  Ellen’s performance and personal photography introduced most of the country and world to the “celebrity selfie”.  One of which, became the most shared and retweeted pic in the history of social media.  Was it just luck, a better than average night, or was it predictable from the beginning?  Taking a closer look, Ellen has 39.8 Twitter followers, and the very best Social Media team in Daytime television.  Accordingly, Ellen is the #1 syndicated talk show, commanding a legion regular viewers A18-49, and A25-54.  So there should not have been any doubt that she would deliver the most memorable Oscar performance in recent history.

Fast forward to 2015, and the Oscar’s ceremony hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.  A notable actor, comedian, with a Twitter following of 13.9 million followers.  Neil is unfortunately without a dedicated Social Media team to keep his followers and fans informed.  Also note the difference between a primarily film and stage actor, vs a daily television talk show host.  The later becomes part of your daily life, which for many is almost like their BFF.

So why is anyone surprised that the telecast performed poorly in ratings and tweets when compared to the Oscar’s 2014?  Was it the “Snowden joke”, Neil’s nearly nude “Birdman” parody, or the numerous “mispronunciations” posed as humorous?  That made viewers run to cable programming, Netflix, or to “call their parents”.  When applying Sun Tzu’s principals, the war was lost before the telecast started.  With the assumption that most everything else was equal, there can be no other logical conclusion.  However, there was one Social Media anomaly.  Facebook enjoyed an notable increase in Oscar related posts, when compared to 2014.  As a relatively new member of Facebook, I believe the increase is easy to explain.  Facebook usage has continued to grow at a far greater rate than Twitter, and is now part of mainstream America’s daily life.  Parents consider preventing their children from accessing Facebook, too harsh a punishment. Finding that suspending their driving privileges or withholding their allowance is more humane and acceptable.  In addition, ABC has a huge presence on Facebook.  The alphabet network recently inked a deal with Facebook, to stream exclusive red carpet, and behind the scenes footage via Facebook.   From which it was all to easy to “like” and “share” everything.

Almost immediately after the awards show, a underground movement started to support “Kevin Hart” as next year’s host of The Oscar’s.  With 16.9 million Twitter followers, about 20% more the Neil Patrick Harris.  The Social Media Marketing team and selection committee is off to a good start.


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