Social Media Imagery Basics

Social Media Imagery Basics

Social Media Imagery Basics

Inspired, humorous, unexpected, beautiful, informational, confrontational and political area few adjectives used to describe imagery that evokes emotional, mental and social trends that make connections with others. Images, like words can be inspirational and aspirational to motivate people to action. In a few seconds, an image create brand loyalty, generate business and build social networks for your clients with thoughtful and memorable social media imagery.

Images can be very expressive. You can use text as an image, text on an image, a drawing, diagram, infographic, action shot, abstract, photo-merge or anything visual to tell your story. Whatever style, your social media imagery should leave an imprint in the viewer’s mind to enhance a blog, post or tell the whole story in seconds by itself. Impactful images are more likely to be seen, liked, and even shared.

Sourcing Social Media Imagery for Your Clients

Depending on the size or your client, there may be an image bank to pull various media. If not, create one. The first step is to ask for access to their product library of assets. This will help keep your social media imagery within the brand guidelines. You may need to arrange and budget for a photo shoot to capture client products and personalities that will extend to your social media campaign.

There are also several Royalty Free and Rights-managed sites that provide a vast array of paid imagery that can be used or designed to meet the brand’s social media messaging. GettyImages, iStockPhoto, Bigstock, ShutterStock and GraphicStock are all reputable stock houses that offer affordable imagery. Be sure to take note of any licensing agreement details when using a professional photographer or stock photography. Beware that usage of imagery without consent to market goods and services may come at a heavy price.

Do it yourself Imagery

social media imagery 3Whether you are an army of one or a full blown agency, social media imagery should be created by all. All Brand ambassadors can jump in and join the art of social media imagery. All involved with the campaign can add inspiring, informative, thought-provoking imagery that produces results across all social media channels. Unexpected and unplanned visuals are often the most successful viral marketing efforts.

You do not have to own high-end photo merging applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You can use simple mobile photo editing apps such as Pixlr, PickMonkey and Lab Pro to get your message out.

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Here is a useful resource that uses an infographic to illustrate the proper pixel sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Bookmark it!

Learn more about do-it-yourself photo editing software on and on YouTube.

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