How Social Media has changed my life: a introspective

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 Resistance is futile, Social Media has Changed My Life

First, I freely admit that I’m late to the social media game. Like many that find themselves in the 50 plus demographic, I was clearly resistant to change.  I even resisted “texting”, until the President of our corporate division texted me to schedule an urgent conference call.  Needless to say, I immediately joined the texting rank and file.  Then along came Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, etc!  Years ago, I rolled my eyes at the IPO valuations, saying “I would never buy that company stock for one dollar”.  Now I find myself with not only with a toe, but in “tech water” that has now reached my knee.  Again clearly late, but social media has changed my life.

Sunrise, and I’m awakened by the chime of a Facebook notification from my new iPhone.  I have a fully functional original 3G iPhone, with a clear unbroken screen.  When my iPhone 6 salesman saw it, he says “OMG”, where did you get that? Does it still work?  Then proceeded to call his co-workers over to see it.  I felt like a walking, talking, relic of the Smithsonian Museum.  Actually, my only reason for upgrading, was to gain access to mobile social media.  Once again, social media has changed my life.

As I sip morning coffee, Facebook is opened and scanned before AOL, email, and letting the dogs out.  OMG, social media has changed my life.  My the time I reach my desk, I’m half way through my third cup.  Having scanned and read all incoming emails.  One message is from a new young TV producer.  He has a new show, and is looking for help getting it “on the air”.  The later phrase now being a ten-plus headed Hydra.  Once powered up, I “google” his name, and a couple small projects come up.  Quick scan, reading and almost done.  “Chime”, Facebook notification on the iPhone and iPad ringing in concert.  Quick check on “Instant Messenger”, and I’m back checking out the new guy.  Quick click to “LinkedIn”, and search for his profile.  Ok, here he is, only 6 connections in common, so he hasn’t been around very long, decent picture, appears intelligent.  I place him on my calendar to email later in the day.

As I read my daily media publications online, I notice a friend’s project that was just picked up by a network.  Back to LinkedIn, pull up the connection, write a quick “congrats” to him and hit send.  Then I remember a similar project, that the networks passed on.  What was that guy’s name?  Back to “google”, quick search, to LinkedIn, 2nd degree connection, quick note, hit send.

As the time reaches 10:30a CST, “chimes” equal 6 Facebook, and 2 LinkedIn notifications, again in concert from my iPhone and iPad, which sit on opposite sides of my iMac.  Ok, it’s 8:30a on the west coast, and everyone is either in or in route to the office.  OMG, social media has changed my life!


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