Shop with Social Media

Shopping Smart

Nowadays has been so easy to shop ! You can actually “Shop ’til You Drop“! Before you need to go or drive to shops . E-commerce is growing for every year. It is convenient and easy ! Internet is a must to have in every home. Even 3rd world countries that didn’t have access to internet before,now they have it.

Smart shopping

The other way of buying online is using the Social Media platforms like Facebook. Social Media is not just a virtual living space. It is also possible to offer products and services to the social users. You could say it is an informal way of shopping and you could meet a problem. You entered into a Facebook group that it can be open or you need to ask to be part of the group.  Members of the Facebook group start to exchanging ideas, tips and offering products and services. You decided to buy a product or a service from another member . You didn’t like it and you want to return the product or you aren’t happy with the service that you just have it . How shall you proceed ? You try to contact the other person and he or she has left the Facebook group. It can be the opposite as well. You are selling or offering  a service and you didn’t get pay back.
Since this trade is informal , most of the time just based on trust without a contract. But even an informal trade , consumer laws remains. You should always read the rules for Facebook group’s rules.

Some simple rules are :

  • get to know the person in Facebook or sell to a friend
  • use your local community to sell or buy
  • read the Facebook group rule displayed in the “Notes” tab of the group
  • write clear your own rules like “no returns”



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