Social Media makes your relocation smoothier

Challenges along the way but with Social Media you can make it

Social Media keyboardWhen moving to a new country you will find lots of challenges like new language, new society, new culture, new everything. But now you’ve got Social Media with lots of tools to help you into this transition. Social Media will keep you in touch with your friends in your country and find new friends in your new place. Facebook is a great tool to get you in touch with friends of friends. I have experimented this last year when a co-worker with my cousin was moving to the Dallas area and then my cousin put us in contact via Facebook. I help her with lots of local news and rules and also introduced her to some of my friends.¬† I wish I had a tool like that when I moved the first time.

Facebook also gives you a possibility to later create your own group and add people with the same interests as yours. If you have a business this opens the world for you when creating your own page.

Many immigrants will find organizations like Accesso Latino sponsored by one of the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, which will support you with lots of good information and free training plus it will allow you to be connected with other latinos through their Facebook group page.

I found the other day another type of Social Media tool, Waze. It is not just a navigation system, it is a Social Media tool with navigation system. Waze is connecting people who will keep you update of what’s going on the roads. You will be update of traffic accidents, congestions, construction roads, red light cameras, police in the area and so. In some places in the US, police is not very happy with this tool. You can find more what the police , reading this article.

The Pope is using social media to communicate with the world. He has already a Facebook account, a twitter account and now a Google Hangout account  ! Now he can do chats alive with this Social Media tool. More about that can be found it here.

Get connect and stay in touch with everyone ! The world is not so big anymore just because of the Social Media !



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