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The Rise of Misinformation Online

Social Media and the Rise of Misinformation Online

As Shakespeare put it, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”  Well, thanks to the internet revolution, you can choose to be a “mere player” or the playwright.  Either way the whole world is your audience.  Unfortunately, this has also allowed for a rise in misinformation online. Continue reading

Using Snapchat to Connect With Your YA Readers

This is an image of the Snapchat ghost icon.If you write YA novels, chances are the majority of your audience is somewhere in the age range of 12 to 22. Coincidentally, half of the estimated 100 million people using Snapchat are 13 to 24 years old, making the photo sharing app a prime tool for YA authors. As a YA author, you’d be crazy not to at least look into using Snapchat. Continue reading

Using Social Media During Award Season to Promote Your Brand

Everyone is still talking about the Grammy’s, despite the decrease in viewers from last year. Posts about Kanye and Beck have topped the news and behind the scenes pictures are all over social media. People are still talking, which is why you should consider using social media during award season to promote your brand. There are a few steps to take before you start tweeting and posting.

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It is all about that “share”!

They are awaiting for your “share”


The shark


We live in a time that all that matters, it is all about that “share” ! Social Media is here and it is almost a must nowadays. I heard some people say ” I am not part of Facebook” ! Good for you, but you said that you are on Twitter, Instagram, and so…. You are part of the Social Media, too! But you are just using different platforms of Social Media and you are connected  to others. It is necessary to be connected to others because nobody cannot live isolated. We need each other. We are heard animals !

In what age shall we start using the Social Media platforms ? In Brazil many kids have started to use Social Media at a very young age without thinking that they could be surrounded by “sharks”  . The recommendation of using a platform like Facebook is 13 years old, as :”Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false info is a violation of our terms. This includes accounts registered on the behalf of someone under 13.”

Teens or kids love to publish photos about themselves or the “selfies” and just share in the Social Media. Selfie is became a fever in Brazil and you can buy a Selfie stick everywhere over there. I mean not only in stores, but at traffic lights, on the streets, on the beach and more. It is all about that “share” and again as a 8 or 10 year-old , you are not mature to think about the “sharks” that could be watching you online and awaiting a good opportunity to catch you. How can it be possible a 13 year old has a 1627 “friends” in Facebook ? This teen is talking to people that he or she have never met before how this teen can be safe of what are they saying it is the true. If you think your kids are safe , you are just wrong. Many teens stay at home alone in Brazil after school since both parents are still working but I guess this applies for many places in the world. As a kid needs the permission of an parent or guardian when to go the movies , or to have a sleep over,…, or to explore Social Media . More about online safety can be found at

The Superintendent’s Blog: Is the Time Right?

Most school superintendents, as a public school district CEO, are aware of blogs, but may not have initiated their own. Is it time for your CEO to write a superintendent’s blog as a new priority for your school district communications plan?

Peter Aceto, president and CEO of Tangerine Bank, says in Forbes Brand Voice that the CEO should say  “yes” to blogs. He points out, “If you are thinking this is about social media, you’re wrong. This is about finding a better way to lead, to govern, and to do business.”

How does that translate to the public school district CEO? A superintendent’s blog is one The superintendent's blog is written on a keyboard.
communications tool that will allow district constituents to learn more about the superintendent, his style, and his perspectives. The potential readers include employees, students, parents, business representatives, elected officials, older citizens, and taxpayers. Continue reading

WGSN Cites Trends in Social Apps

Vive mobile app image

(Photo courtesy of

WGSN an international trends forecasting company used predominantly by the fashion industry, cites trends in social apps may  surprise app users. Social apps are continuing to be among one of the hottest trends in the mobile space.

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The Wendy Williams Show and her Social Media team.

The Social Media team for the Wendy Williams Show, is one of the best in the business.

During the Nielsen November 2014 sweep, Wendy Williams faced an avalanche of criticism on Social Media.  The negative, and insulting tweets, posts, and comments were the result of a less than perfect biopic called “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”.  Which premiered on the Lifetime cable channel during this critical ratings period.  Wendy Williams, host of her own syndicated talk show was Executive Producer of the title.  All month, as the air date for the Aaliyah project neared.  Ms Williams shamelessly promoted “Aaliyah” on her daily syndicated talk show, The Wendy Williams website, and via Social Media.  Promising to “get it right”, and produce a film that everyone could be proud of.  A tribute to Aaliyah, the much loved and revered singer/actress, who died tragically in a plane crash during the summer of 2001.   She left this world at age 22, on the verge of true super stardom.  Fortunately for Ms Williams, her Social Media team was “listening”, and may have saved The Wendy Williams Show.

From the start, there were problems developing the title.  First, Aaliyah’s parents refused to allow the usage of original music in the film.  Then, one major actress, followed by others dropped out of the project.  Still with limited resources, the project moved forward.  A process covered step by step on Social Media.  Many voiced their concern, and felt the project should not continue.  However, throughout the process, Ms. Williams used her various platforms to promote the title.

The result can only be called a disaster, as the critics were swift, and lethal.  Social Media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram lit up the internet.  Critics not only trashed the movie, but went after Wendy Williams personally.  The onslaught of toxic tweets, posts, and comments demanded a personal on-air apology from Ms Williams.  This situation was made worst, when Ms Williams while addressing the movie on-air, said “her phone was broken”.  And that she was unaware of the backlash on Social Media until that morning.  The less than sincere excuses only enraged the critics, and they started discussing a boycott of the show.  The internet erupted in pointed, hostile criticism of Wendy Williams over the next several days.  Finally, with everyone watching and waiting, Wendy addressed the biopic on the show.  In total triumph and a big smile, Wendy Williams said that the movie was a huge success!  And was the #2 rated title to air on Lifetime in all of 2014.  Again, the Social Media team was listening, and may have saved The Wendy Williams Show.

Over the next few days, positive tweets, posts, and comments started to hit the platforms.  In some cases, addressing an insult, and suggesting “its time to move on”. Within the next few weeks, the boycott had lost steam, and the critics decided to let sleeping dogs lie silent.  Again, her excellent Social Media team may have saved the Wendy Williams Show.

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Twitter vs. Instagram – who wins?

picture of a street sign saying Twitter lane

The reactions to Twitter’s last quarterly results were mixed. The mobile use and ad revenue increased and met the expectations of analysts and investors. When looking at increase in number of users, the picture looks quite different from what many expected. Twitter currently has 241m active users. Some experts and analysts compared the numbers by looking at Twitter vs Instagram and tried to define a winner. But does that really make sense?

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Social responsibility top trend for business and professional branding

Social responsibility is a top trend in 2015. Digital and social media platforms have allowed business and professionals seeking enhanced brand identity to leverage social responsibility benefits and opportunities.

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Career Advice 101: Social Media Job Search

Jumping into a new chapter of your career can be tough. In today’s job market, you have to know how to navigate through a social media job search. social media job search

The good news is that the old rules still apply when you are looking for your next job. It’s still all about whom you know and packaging your skills in the right way to be a standout candidate to prospective employers. Only now there are more social media job search tools to help you along the way.

We have more opportunities than ever to keep connected to former colleagues. And, even meet new people we would have never have crossed paths with 10 years ago without these tools.  A social media job search gives us the opportunity to cast a wider net.

Social Media makes your relocation smoothier

Challenges along the way but with Social Media you can make it

Social Media keyboardWhen moving to a new country you will find lots of challenges like new language, new society, new culture, new everything. But now you’ve got Social Media with lots of tools to help you into this transition. Social Media will keep you in touch with your friends in your country and find new friends in your new place. Facebook is a great tool to get you in touch with friends of friends. I have experimented this last year when a co-worker with my cousin was moving to the Dallas area and then my cousin put us in contact via Facebook. I help her with lots of local news and rules and also introduced her to some of my friends.  I wish I had a tool like that when I moved the first time.

Facebook also gives you a possibility to later create your own group and add people with the same interests as yours. If you have a business this opens the world for you when creating your own page.

Many immigrants will find organizations like Accesso Latino sponsored by one of the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, which will support you with lots of good information and free training plus it will allow you to be connected with other latinos through their Facebook group page.

I found the other day another type of Social Media tool, Waze. It is not just a navigation system, it is a Social Media tool with navigation system. Waze is connecting people who will keep you update of what’s going on the roads. You will be update of traffic accidents, congestions, construction roads, red light cameras, police in the area and so. In some places in the US, police is not very happy with this tool. You can find more what the police , reading this article.

The Pope is using social media to communicate with the world. He has already a Facebook account, a twitter account and now a Google Hangout account  ! Now he can do chats alive with this Social Media tool. More about that can be found it here.

Get connect and stay in touch with everyone ! The world is not so big anymore just because of the Social Media !



Communication : Is It Getting More Difficult Between Generations?



Find a Job With FacebookThere is no doubt communication is becoming more difficult between generations.

What is a generation anyway? Well, it is comprised of approximately 19 years. You know about the time between you and your parents. Remember the communication issues that incurred then?  Of course then it was basically social issues and determining what was appropriate to communicate about and when. But that all change with one word – technology. It has forever changed communication as we knew it. Continue reading

Social Media, the Six Sigma Way

Social Media, the Six Sigma Way

Social Media, the Six Sigma Way


Six Sigma is a methodology used mainly in the manufacturing industry to achieve a sustained process of identifying and minimizing defects in manufacturing products and processes. Six Sigma uses techniques to “scrubb-down” to the core of problems to achieve targeted outcomes and higher levels of success. Six Sigma can be applied to your social marketing methods. Not only does it apply to manufacturing but you can use this methodology to improve your social media, the Six Sigma way. Continue reading

The Superbowl of Cute

The Superbowl is no longer just about football.  It has become the Superbowl of cute.  Advertising giants spend millions to produce and air their commercial messages during the most highly publicized game of the year.   This year, the commercial cute factor was super-sized. Continue reading

Social media for beginners

Social media for beginners:
A primer for using five of the most popular social networks for your small business

Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, and Instagram. So many choices, so little time!

But, how do you as a business owner decide which social media networks are worth your time? Keep reading for tips on social media for beginners, and how specifically you may use them for your small business.

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Listening though the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media Listening through the ears of social media #digpro monitoring

Listening through the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media Who What When Where. Who is your audience? What devices are they using? Where are they online? Continue reading 

What’s trending in social media? Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag Campaigns, digital communications, social media, trends, twitter

What’s trending in social media?

Quick tips to put you on the right path for your social media hashtag campaigns

If you’ve watched television or shopped at the mall recently, chances are that you’ve seen multiple Hashtag Campaigns. This phenomenon seemed to have appeared out of nowhere overnight and has completely flooded not only social media, but overall communication and marketing channels for every company imaginable.

Wondering how you can build the right Hashtag Campaigns for your small business? Look no further; here are three tips to consider as you prepare for your marketing calendar. Continue reading

Protecting the Patriots brand post Super Bowl XLIX

With the record breaking successes from their Super Bowl win, protecting the Patriots brand is critical for sustaining long term positive marketing exposure. Avoiding social media pitfalls is imperative so their brand remains protected.

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Go global with social media

world map of social media toolsCongratulations! You have developed a really powerful social media strategy for the U.S. market. Your audience is very engaged, they love your brand and even your top management is very pleased with the results. In fact, they are so happy about your social media activities that they want you to go global with social media! How exciting!

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Tips for Protecting Your Online Reputation

Protecting Your Online Reputation Matters

You already know that your reputation, just like a good first impression, is important in personal and professional settings.  Protecting your online reputation is increasingly important as you are judged by the results of online searches.  This information is often the first or only information that individuals receive about you. Continue reading

Local Live TV Lives On and Incorporates Digital Media To Keep Viewers Engaged

Despite the ability for a viewer to watch 'their show' anytime they want, local live tv lives on.

Who Needs A TV Guide?

 Contrary to what everyone thinks,  Local live TV Lives On.  In the modern digital media age live TV is still a force to be reckoned with, even with the option to record programs and watch them later.  Advertisers should not let the growing digital media take the place of local live TV advertising, because together the mediums become a stronger giant than either are on their own. 

Less than a decade ago, the majority of viewers had no choice but to watch their programs as they aired.  Now, with on demand technologies, people have the option to watch them at a time that is convenient for them.  Despite this  local live TV viewing is at all time high.  According to, adults aged 18+ spend up to nine times more time watching Local TV vs time-shifted TV.

     Avg. Min. Per Day Watching TV (A18+)
  Watching Live TV  Watching Time-Shifted TV
 Q3 2014  272 min  30 min
 Q3 2013 284 min  28 min
 Q3 2012 290 min  24 min
     *Nielsen December 2014

Local live TV stations are finding new ways to account for the split viewership – both live and delayed by measuring their digital traffic are using the local news to drive it up.  According to the Pew Reasearch Center,  local live TV newscasts in the US are suffering from “shrinking pains,”  just like the local newspapers did before them.  The limitations of  local live TV reporting have made stories shorter.  This has lead to the average local news viewer’s teetering interest and they change the channel.  What local stations are doing to combat this dip and keep the viewer engaged in its station is inviting the viewer to the station’s website where they can learn more about the stories that interest them more. Viewers can watch extended clips and interviews, stay up – to – date with breaking news and connect with other viewers through comment sections. Using these techniques, a local live TV station does not need to split its audience between live and delayed viewing.


How to Find a Job Using Social Media

Find a Job Using Social Media

Social media started out as a way to share information, our personal thoughts, and experiences with others in the digital world. This information isn’t restricted to just family and friends who want to look at personal photos and comments. Today, what we share online is viewed by a new audience: job recruiters. Social media can be a a helpful tool when you need to find a job.

Most recent graduates have had the “be careful what you post online” advice from professors, but hardly hear about how to find a job using social media. There are many way to use your existing accounts to promote yourself and engage with potential employers. Beyond being aware of what you post on your social media accounts, here are a few tips on how to find a job using social media.

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Syndication, the way to maximize the value of your media content.

Maximize the value of your media content.

Have you ever wondered why “Live with Kelly and Michael” airs on Fox in Dallas, but airs on CBS in New Orleans, and ABC in New York?  Why are they on different channels? “Good Morning America” airs only on ABC, and “The Today Show” only on NBC in every city.  So why are shows like Ellen, Dr. Phil and Wendy Williams on different channels in almost every area of the country?  The reason, is that the owners of those shows want to maximize the value of their media content.  Syndication allows the distribution agents of a program to license the broadcast rights individually in just over 211 different domestic markets.  The largest being New York, followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, on down to Glendive, Montana. The later being #211, the smallest market in the country.

Although both are considered media content, there are basically two types of syndicated television shows.  The first is called “Offnet”, which means “off network”.  Simply put, these are shows that premiered on the Network (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX).  Generally shows with 4 or more seasons on the network, become candidates for syndication.  One of the most successful offset shows is “Seinfeld”, which went into syndication with 8 seasons of episodes.  So far, Seinfeld has generated over 3 billion dollars domestically.  And will likely continue to air for the next 50 plus years.  The second type is called “1st run”, which means that the program premiered in syndication, and not on one of the networks.  Historically, the most successful 1st run show is “Oprah”, domestically easily averaging over 100 million dollars annually, during it’s 25 year syndication run.

Now for the very first time, there is a new entry into the syndication gold mine.  Youtube, one of the major social media platforms has become a player in the syndication marketplace.  Just recently, President Obama touting the Affordable Care Act, utilized Youtube to pitch those millennials not reached by traditional media platforms.  The result was an incredible increase of plus 40% in traffic the very next day.  In addition, The NFL just recently signed a deal to stream game highlights and commentary on their own Youtube channel.   As you should know, The NFL is the most expensive media content in the world.  For example, parent company Walt Disney pays over $100 million, for each weekly installment of ESPN Monday Night Football.  The deal not only legitimizes Youtube as a viable alternative to television as we know it.  It opens the door for Youtube to complete future deals with MLB, Nascar, and The NBA.    Once again allowing the owners of media content to maximize the value within yet another platform.

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Social Media and Volunteers Equal Staff Support


Not enough staff and not enough time. As a school district communicator, do you have these problems? Perhaps combining parent volunteer power and social media is the answer to your dilemma.

Public This is a graphic of school  volunteers who use social media to share information with other districts, large or small, have access to parents who volunteer at their schools. Using social media and other resources will transpose these volunteers into key communicators to enhance your school district public relations efforts and your goal of keeping all parents informed.  Continue reading

Social Media and Fashion Bloggers Forge The New Face of Fashion

Fashion used to have a certain mystique and exclusivity in its media coverage. Front row seating at the big fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, and Donna Karan was once only reserved for real fashion editors. Editors who could write in AP Style. Editors who knew the difference between silk charmeuse and silk shantung. Editors whose loyal newspaper and magazine readers couldn’t wait to read what New York, London, Paris and Milan touted as the latest trends. (Photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week) Continue reading

The Rule of Thirds Should Structure Your Social Media Planning

This is an illustration of the rule of thirds in social media with three circles overlapping with the sweet spot being a part of all three.If you’re not already following the rule of thirds in your social media marketing strategy, it’s likely that you’re not maximizing engagement with your target audience. That’s a shame because it’s easy to implement and actually provides valuable structure and balance to your social media plan.

Defining The Rule of Thirds

Continue reading