Magic: The Every-Man’s Personal Assistant Service

Looking for ways to add some convenience to your life?  Do you need some help knocking a few pesky items off your to do list?

If so, this new personal assistant service may be the answer to your call… or text, as the case may be!

Do You Believe in Magic?

Magic is the latest in a string of start ups designed to cater to your every need.  This new personal assistant service is not an app.  Instead, Magic is a phone number that you can text any time, day or night, to request whatever you want.  Think of Magic as your really resourceful friend who never sleeps.  Now there is one important caveat.  Magic won’t assist you with anything illegal.  So, you’ll still have to do your own dirty work!

Lazy People Rejoice!

Simply text the Magic number your request and — Viola!  One of their trained operators (shouldMagic Personal Assistant Servicen’t they be called magicians?) will respond to you.  They may need to ask you some follow up questions, but they will always provide you with a final price and ask for your go ahead before proceeding with the order

Some have lauded Magic as bringing personal assistant services to the masses, while many others have criticized this as a concierge service that caters to lazy people.  While this service will afford many more people access to a “personal assistant,” it won’t be entirely accessible to everyone.  You will pay a premium to enjoy this convenience.  And while it is true that lazy people are going to love this new service, so will busy people!  All it takes are a few swipes on your phone’s keyboard.  So, you can have your request all taken care of with very little time or effort.  Whether you lack the time or motivation, doesn’t really matter.  You can enjoy Magic and other personal assistant services if you don’t mind paying a premium.

You Can’t Deny The Cool Factor

DoorDash (providing delivery for all your favorite restaurants), Instacart (promising one-hour grocery delivery) and Postmates, (enabling fast, local delivery of any product) are just a few examples.  Magic utilizes all of these services, which could mean you are paying a double premium (e.g. one mark up for Instacart and one for Magic).  There is a reason so many personal assistant services are available.  First and foremost, these services are convenient.  But they have managed to tap into something important.  They make us feel special.  Everyone likes being catered to.  Subscription box companies like Birchbox and Bespoke Post know this and have been capitalizing on it for a while.  Magic is the new kid on the block for now, but pretty soon new companies will come up with next cool convenience.  As long as there are those who lack the time or motivation to do it themselves, there will always be someone else waiting to do it for them… for a fee, of course.  And hey, everyone could use a bit more magic in their lives, right?

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