Lululemon, good karma, great social media branding

Lululemon Manifesto1

The Lululemon Manifesto


Lululemon’s strong multi-platform social media strategy around their lifestyle branding has proven to be very successful. Their manifesto of being ‘passionate about sweating every day and wanting the world to know it’ is at the core of their branding mission. The good karma associated with enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle continues to differentiate their brand in a crowded field.

Being an indoor cycling/ pilates enthusiast and wearing the Lululemon (Lulu) brand regularly, I have turned into a Lulu loyalist. The quality of their product never fails and stylishly goes from workout to daytime wear easily. Whether purchased online or in-store, the experience is seamless. And as a social media buff, I thoroughly enjoy following the company via their various social media platforms.

Inspiring content on Facebook/ Blog
By simply liking their company Facebook page, the reader receives regular informational blog posts which is a mix of all things running and yoga to contests, polls, upcoming community events, campaigns, goal setting, nutritional information, beauty and fashion. To the woman or man whose priorities include a powerful physical and mental life, the Lulu blog seems like the perfect place to find inspiration and the encouragement to be your best. These same blogs are among other interesting information that can be found on the Lululemon website, including what the company is involved in whether it be sustainability, community contributions, philanthropy, factory relationships and sponsorships.

Convenient Apps
If short on time and need a pair of yoga pants, just download one of their Apps, and a few clicks and magically, their gear appears at your doorstep.

Engaging Twitter stream
Their Twitter stream reads very conversationally and one feels that they are part of a larger community by their responsive commentary from followers.

Content rich YouTube channel
Adding to their social media strategy, their YouTube channel is loaded with content heavy playlists ranging from instructional videos, contributions from their fitness ambassadors, product education, featured products to name a few. A viewer can interact with the brand, its employees making the experience authentic and personal.

Connect & Share: Flickr, Instragram, Pinterest & Tumblr
Lulu’s stellar photography, via their Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr platforms are visually appealing to their fitness and lifestyle brand. Sprinkle in some inspiration, motivation and karma is achieved. Their perfectly organized structures are varied and friendly enough to connect and share.

Social lessons
Lulu personifies a lifestyle brand that leverages their multi-platform social media strategy effectively leaving the customer feeling good about their purchase and a part of the Lulu family.

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