It is all about that stress

It is all about that stress

estrese_0How shall we handle stress inside Social Media’SMS ? We communicate more than never before. We can be online 24 hr with a smartphone. The smart phone is not only to talk as a mobile phone used to be. After the possibility of  talk on the go you could also send  SMS on the go . Now you can do so many things with your smartphone besides just talking. The increasing of sending and receiving SMS has been noticed during the last years . Social Media platforms has brought the possibility to increase the number of SMS.

Facebook Menssenger, Whatsapp, LINEGoogle Hangout, Twitter are some of the Social Media platforms that offer you this service. The best of all is that the service is free when you and your friends have the same platform installed in your smartphone. You can chat with friends whenever and wherever for free as soon you are connected to the internet.

It is so good to be connected and chat whenever and wherever but if you need to work, study or just want to relax. How you disconnect from all these conversations  ? And when the SMS are coming from the different platforms that I just mentioned above. How do you handle all that stress ? You can receive more than 100 messengers with one topic. Gosh ! Since it is free , people keep sending you messengers.

Stress can kill you or make your life miserable ! Stress make your body vulnerable since your immune system gets weaker . You can read more about the stress at the World Health Organization.

Some advice to handle the stress caused by Social Media’s SMS :

  • if you starts to receive several messengers at once , just let it be.
  • say your opinion and leave the conversation
  • go to settings and press the  “do not disturb” button on your smartphone
  • don’t answer or ignore the messenger
  • do some other activity and avoid to look at your smartphone
  • listen to a good music and relax


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