How Latinos Get Social In Social Media

So, what do we know about how Latinos use social media?  Hispanics lead in the use of social media networking via a mobile device  49% v. 48% African Americans and 36% Whites. According to #latism survey,  61% of Latinos use social media for personal purposes, followed by business, self promotion and for doing social good.

The top three blogging topics are Latino Issues, 45%, folllowed by Social Good, Family and Education. A common thread among Latinos is their deep connection to their community and their faith in the power of blogging and social media as a tool for change. Education is described as a top Latino priority, followed by Health and Jobs.

According to Nielsen   two pillars are changing the face of the Latino population:

  1.  Demographic shifts– the unprecedented growth in the US –  from 17% or 55 million  US Latinos in 2015 projected to 31% or 128.8 million US Latinos in 2060.
  2. Technology transformation -Latinos are digitally connected. In total US Hispanic homes, 79% have a Smartphone vs. 70% non Hispanic. 37% of Hispanics own a laptop vs. 41% non Hispanic and 50% have a tablet vs. 53% non Hispanic. The smartphone is the all purpose device for texting, social networking, App usage, video, banking, GPS and shopping.

 Most Popular Social Media Sites for Latino Women


By cultivating a community experience online, social media allows people to reconnect with their Latino culture.

Savvy marketers should be aware that Latinos want to be a part of the conversation by providing a space where mainstream issues can be discussed through a “Latino lens”

  • Latinos wants more life style information written “for Latinos like me”
    • Articles on parenting, education and politics written in Spanish
    • Family advice
    • Finances
    • Investments
    • Celebrations

In order to connect with Latino consumers, marketers need to engage with a purpose and  account for:

  1. The new Hispanic narrative
  2. Embedded role of technology
  3. Augment experience, empower to make an impact

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