Getting Started on Twitter: A quick guide for beginners

Getting started on Twitter can be overwhelming. If you get too intimidated, remember that the shelf life of a Tweet is less than 20 minutes. Follow these quick tips for getting up and running on this social media network.


Choosing your handle on Twitter should be easy enough, right? Right. But, don’t forget the following considerations before choosing.

The shorter, the better: Remember that other Twitter users who “Retweet” — or forward — your tweets must include your handle, which is included in their character count. Keep it as short as possible to make it more likely others include your handle in their precious space allotment.


Keep it simple, professional, and creative. How’s that for difficult? If you’re creating a business biography, keep it professional, but don’t’ make it sounds like a press release. Be creative if you can, and don’t hesitate to include some interesting personal information.


Consider the following items when writing for Twitter (and other social media sites).

The 80/20 Rule applies for all social media. In this case, 80% of content should be valuable for the client; 20% can be promotional.

Following are some ideas about content from the authors of “Twitter Marketing that Doesn’t Suck”. The book suggests that equal consideration (20%) should be given to the following:

  • Professionally Valuable (20%)
  • Inspirational (20%)
  • Retweet (20%)
  • Promotional (20%)
  • Funny/Interesting (20%)

No matter if you post five times a day or five days a week, the author says that you should follow the content guidelines.


Begin by following companies in your industry, friends, family, and those businesses you’d like to know.

The etiquette on Twitter is to follow back anyone who follows you. See how this works for you. Follow people and companies that matter to you.

This practice will hopefully get you followers, but it will definitely give you a lot of reading material as you check your feed.

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