Content on The Tonight Show Features Fans


Television shows are incorporating fans’ content through social media to add interest, entertainment, engagement, and ratings. Now even you can be featured on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, one of the best social media users of fans’ content.

Jimmy Fallon using fans' content.Jimmy Fallon excels in engaging television audiences in interactive social media conversations. Fallon posts a weekly Twitter topic and Hashtag on The Tonight Show website and encourages viewers to tweet responses.

Fallon Features Fans’ Content

He selects six or seven responses with the best content to read on air. The fans’ reaction to this weekly segment is overwhelming popular as the tweeters eagerly wait for their few seconds of television fame. Fallon’s topics instantly become top trending topics which indicates a tremendous audience interest.

Fallon posts original videos on YouTube with a personalized ending such as new jokes, encounters with his band members or announcer, or some other funny trick to encourage viewers to watch his brand video. He also regularly encourages his television audience to connect to the program through Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Beki Winchel, author of the article Four Content Lessons from Jimmy Fallon, says, “Crowd sourcing brings in fresh content, and it makes consumers feel that they are part of the show. PR pros taking this route would do best to follow Fallon’s lead: He uses his fans’ content, and he never asks for ego strokes.”

Daytime Shows Solicit Viewers’ Content

More and more television programs are taking the social media cue from Fallon. Daytime’s The Talk program invites viewers to participate in the “Everybody Talks” segment by submitting Instagram responses to daily topics. Contributors have to watch the show to see if their Instagram content will be selected to air and discussed by panelists Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, and Sheryl Underwood. The Talk also invites you to contact the show with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
Dr. Phil using fans' content.


Do you need advice from Dr. Phil?  Program host Dr. Phil McGraw is counting on this viewer social media interaction to provide content for his daytime program.  He invites fans to contact him via emails, blogs, webcams, and posts of comments and opinions on his community message board.  You can also follow Dr. Phil on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

 Winchel suggests that brand managers who ask fans what they like best about their company’s products might get a response, but people are much more willing to jump in when questions prompt opinions and stories go beyond how great a given brand is.

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