Business plus digital equals progression

Formula (b+d=p) Business plus digital equals progression

Formula to success 

 Knowing how to use the latest in digital advancements is a vital role to your company’s success. Have you noticed a multitude of new trending ways to market your brand, expand knowledge and endless opportunities? Have you thrown a curve ball lately? Business plus digital equals progression let’s go from phone-book to digital. Meetings in a boardroom are decreasing while digital meetings are increasing. Live in future for your business. What is your next step?

 Business plus digital equals progression live meetings

    •  Call your most knowledge representative  from each area from your company to meeting.
    • Discuss and view emails, comments, all social mentions.
    • With new knowledge create game plan on new idea to better your company.
    • Create prep questions for each member.
    • Create polls and questions for you audience.
    • Have a host to reiterate the questions given.
    • Assemble operators for email submissions calls and digital responses.
    • Research tools to hold your live meetings.
    • Gather all phone numbers and contacts related to the purpose of your conference.
    • Set up social site for meetings and a new email for conferences.
    • Set the live meeting date with the representatives, host, and operators.
    • Send out digital notice with agenda, phone number or link to your live meeting.
    • Have representatives gathered together for side discussion during meeting and to answer questions.
    • Get ready for the good, bad and the ugly.
    • Start your meeting.
    • Introduce your company let them know that you are there to help.
    • Ask them for their contact info you might not have.
    • Give them links and ask them to vote or participate in some way live.
    • Always record and save data.
    • Know that all response is a chance at future contact and golden rapport with you audience.

Most important thing to remember is listen and act now!

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