Business development using social media

Business development using social media

What is Business development using social media? Development/growth for your business using Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Walk though the introduction of social media platforms and how to use them to develop your business. Today’s market is full of ways to connect with your audience using social media platforms. We will start at your website and work our way out!

Start by going to your website. Review and update your website. Do you have any social media links on your website? If yes, do you have the latest up to date social sites? Do you have a blog,Vine or You Tube linked to your website? Chances are that if you have not signed up for a new account in the last week, you are probably not up to date on your social media development. Search and join new social media sites. (see additional helpful links for a list of social media sites)

Second, log in to your social media sites and make sure they are updated with photo’s, videos, hash tags and information. How do you log in to these sites? Do you log in one at a time? Try using Hootsuite or Sprout Social. Hootsuite and Sprout Social will allow you to post on multiple social media sites all in one place. Most importantly remember  you can listen by setting up notifications when someone mentions your business using these monitoring tools.

Next, have you checked your keywords? Sign into your google ad words account and check your keywords. Now that your social media platforms are added, up to date and you have a management system or two how do you monitor them? Monitoring social sites can be done though Google Analytics, Simply Measured and or Raven tools. Monitoring tools give you real numbers for ROI. Business development using social media is a key to one door among many leading to success! Enjoy the Journey.

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