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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

ChefSo, you have a restaurateur that would like to engage their establishment with social media marketing. The establishment has been successfully generating business by word-of-mouth, but has no presence in social media. The restaurant does have a website with limited function and no previous marketing efforts or assets. This is a perfect opportunity build brand equity and develop a long lasting relationship with your culinary client. Now, time to get busy implementing a social media marketing strategy from the ground up. Continue reading

Social Media – can be your best endorsement

EverChicagoyday consumers using social media to advise on businesses

Recently while planning a trip to Chicago my first chore after making my flight arrangements was to book my hotel. So I got on tripadvisor and began my social media search. It was unbelievable how much information was available. Not just webpages of the accommodations and the picture perfect photos of the rooms and lobby areas but actual consumers who had stayed at the hotel. They rated based on different types of criteria, from the rooms to the service, etc… Some were excellent giving you lots of information the consumer would really need to know like, “don’t bring a car”, “can walk to shopping and lots of restaurants in the area”, “rooms are very small or large” or “impeccable service or not”. They even had a place where consumers could upload their own pictures of the hotel rooms and complaints or great views. Social media has taken the guess work out of making a good choice, and the choice was excellent!! It lived up to everything everyone wrote about it.

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Magic: The Every-Man’s Personal Assistant Service

Looking for ways to add some convenience to your life?  Do you need some help knocking a few pesky items off your to do list?

If so, this new personal assistant service may be the answer to your call… or text, as the case may be!

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It is all about that stress

It is all about that stress

estrese_0How shall we handle stress inside Social Media’SMS ? We communicate more than never before. We can be online 24 hr with a smartphone. The smart phone is not only to talk as a mobile phone used to be. After the possibility of  talk on the go you could also send  SMS on the go . Now you can do so many things with your smartphone besides just talking. The increasing of sending and receiving SMS has been noticed during the last years . Social Media platforms has brought the possibility to increase the number of SMS.

Facebook Menssenger, Whatsapp, LINEGoogle Hangout, Twitter are some of the Social Media platforms that offer you this service. The best of all is that the service is free when you and your friends have the same platform installed in your smartphone. You can chat with friends whenever and wherever for free as soon you are connected to the internet.

It is so good to be connected and chat whenever and wherever but if you need to work, study or just want to relax. How you disconnect from all these conversations  ? And when the SMS are coming from the different platforms that I just mentioned above. How do you handle all that stress ? You can receive more than 100 messengers with one topic. Gosh ! Since it is free , people keep sending you messengers.

Stress can kill you or make your life miserable ! Stress make your body vulnerable since your immune system gets weaker . You can read more about the stress at the World Health Organization.

Some advice to handle the stress caused by Social Media’s SMS :

  • if you starts to receive several messengers at once , just let it be.
  • say your opinion and leave the conversation
  • go to settings and press the  “do not disturb” button on your smartphone
  • don’t answer or ignore the messenger
  • do some other activity and avoid to look at your smartphone
  • listen to a good music and relax


Business development using social media

Business development using social media

What is Business development using social media? Development/growth for your business using Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Walk though the introduction of social media platforms and how to use them to develop your business. Today’s market is full of ways to connect with your audience using social media platforms. We will start at your website and work our way out! Continue reading

twitter fail – how some people just don’t get it

twitter bird kicking another one from a branch

Think before you tweet!

We’ve all heard it before: “Think before you tweet”. You would say that this is a pretty obvious advice? Well, think again. There are plenty of examples where people clearly did not think hard enough, or, in all fairness, they probably did not think at all. A clear case of twitter fail.

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Tweet With Images For Better Engagement

This is an illustration with the words Twitter Loves Images and a picture of a bird to illustrate why you should Tweet with images.Twitter has a reputation as a chaotic mess full of zippy 140 character, hashtag riddled one liners and sometimes a link that readers often skip over. And who can blame them? Text by itself is less than engaging in our highly visual social media world. If you want people to be more likely to favorite and retweet your tweets, you need to catch their attention by making sure you tweet with images imbedded in the tweet, not just a link to an image.

The Case for Visual Content on Twitter

According to a blog post titled 19 Fascinating Statistics That Make the Case for Using Visual Content in Your Marketing, 90% of information relayed to the brain is visual and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

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How Latinos Get Social In Social Media

So, what do we know about how Latinos use social media?  Hispanics lead in the use of social media networking via a mobile device  49% v. 48% African Americans and 36% Whites. According to #latism survey,  61% of Latinos use social media for personal purposes, followed by business, self promotion and for doing social good.

The top three blogging topics are Latino Issues, 45%, folllowed by Social Good, Family and Education. A common thread among Latinos is their deep connection to their community and their faith in the power of blogging and social media as a tool for change. Education is described as a top Latino priority, followed by Health and Jobs.

According to Nielsen   two pillars are changing the face of the Latino population:

  1.  Demographic shifts– the unprecedented growth in the US –  from 17% or 55 million  US Latinos in 2015 projected to 31% or 128.8 million US Latinos in 2060.
  2. Technology transformation -Latinos are digitally connected. In total US Hispanic homes, 79% have a Smartphone vs. 70% non Hispanic. 37% of Hispanics own a laptop vs. 41% non Hispanic and 50% have a tablet vs. 53% non Hispanic. The smartphone is the all purpose device for texting, social networking, App usage, video, banking, GPS and shopping.

 Most Popular Social Media Sites for Latino Women


By cultivating a community experience online, social media allows people to reconnect with their Latino culture.

Savvy marketers should be aware that Latinos want to be a part of the conversation by providing a space where mainstream issues can be discussed through a “Latino lens”

  • Latinos wants more life style information written “for Latinos like me”
    • Articles on parenting, education and politics written in Spanish
    • Family advice
    • Finances
    • Investments
    • Celebrations

In order to connect with Latino consumers, marketers need to engage with a purpose and  account for:

  1. The new Hispanic narrative
  2. Embedded role of technology
  3. Augment experience, empower to make an impact

For more information please see the following:

 SMU COX Latino Leadership Initiative_Engaging Lations Through Social Med...-1

 SMU COX Latino Leadership Initiative_Engaging Lations Through Social Med...-2


 Leadership from a dancing guy


Tips and Tools for Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram for businessSo many companies are successful at creating Instagram marketing strategies that it makes this visual social media network seem like it’s easy to use. However, it is a little more complicated than just pressing a few buttons. Instagram is now host to over 300 million active users and they are 58 times more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 more likely than Twitter users. With stats like these, it seems like including Instagram in your business’s marketing strategies is a no brainer. Before creating an account, take into consideration these tips and tools for Instagram marketing strategies. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing and the Oscar’s 2015



Social Media Marketing is like any other competition.

Quoting Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military general and strategist.  Every war is won before it is ever fought.  When related to the Oscar’s, and it’s Social Media Marketing plan.  One can easily determine that 2015 performance, would fall short of expectations.  The Oscar’s award ceremony 2014, was hosted by comedian and talk show host Ellen Degeneres.  Ellen’s performance and personal photography introduced most of the country and world to the “celebrity selfie”.  One of which, became the most shared and retweeted pic in the history of social media.  Was it just luck, a better than average night, or was it predictable from the beginning?  Taking a closer look, Ellen has 39.8 Twitter followers, and the very best Social Media team in Daytime television.  Accordingly, Ellen is the #1 syndicated talk show, commanding a legion regular viewers A18-49, and A25-54.  So there should not have been any doubt that she would deliver the most memorable Oscar performance in recent history.

Fast forward to 2015, and the Oscar’s ceremony hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.  A notable actor, comedian, with a Twitter following of 13.9 million followers.  Neil is unfortunately without a dedicated Social Media team to keep his followers and fans informed.  Also note the difference between a primarily film and stage actor, vs a daily television talk show host.  The later becomes part of your daily life, which for many is almost like their BFF.

So why is anyone surprised that the telecast performed poorly in ratings and tweets when compared to the Oscar’s 2014?  Was it the “Snowden joke”, Neil’s nearly nude “Birdman” parody, or the numerous “mispronunciations” posed as humorous?  That made viewers run to cable programming, Netflix, or to “call their parents”.  When applying Sun Tzu’s principals, the war was lost before the telecast started.  With the assumption that most everything else was equal, there can be no other logical conclusion.  However, there was one Social Media anomaly.  Facebook enjoyed an notable increase in Oscar related posts, when compared to 2014.  As a relatively new member of Facebook, I believe the increase is easy to explain.  Facebook usage has continued to grow at a far greater rate than Twitter, and is now part of mainstream America’s daily life.  Parents consider preventing their children from accessing Facebook, too harsh a punishment. Finding that suspending their driving privileges or withholding their allowance is more humane and acceptable.  In addition, ABC has a huge presence on Facebook.  The alphabet network recently inked a deal with Facebook, to stream exclusive red carpet, and behind the scenes footage via Facebook.   From which it was all to easy to “like” and “share” everything.

Almost immediately after the awards show, a underground movement started to support “Kevin Hart” as next year’s host of The Oscar’s.  With 16.9 million Twitter followers, about 20% more the Neil Patrick Harris.  The Social Media Marketing team and selection committee is off to a good start.


Twitter Story Pitches May Yield School Media Coverage


Twitter story pitches increases media coverage.As a school district public relations professional, you are working diligently to pitch story ideas to area, state, and national news media to obtain coverage for your district. With so many educational entities vying for news media attention, some public relations experts recommend that you add Twitter story pitches to your social media strategies for communicating to journalists.

In many cases, print, television, and digital journalists still prefer story pitches in an email. Some reporters like to use Facebook. Building a professional relationship with the news media is also still a critical part of the job. Continue reading

Engagement through social media storytelling

Three great tools that can help you create engagement through social media storytelling.

social media storytellingCreating an engaging campaign increase chances of people recalling your brand; however using social media storytelling tools will give them the power to share your story for you.  According to Statista, in 2014 there are approximately 164 million smart phone users in the United States.  That is almost three times more than 2010. Like the number of users increasing, so have the number of engaging social media storytelling tools.   Making your stories easy to share is essential to enabling your audience to tell your story for you.

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How to Write a Listicle

dramatic pug write a listicleSo, you’ve decided to write a listicle, but don’t know how.  Never fear, there’s a listicle for that! Continue reading

Business plus digital equals progression

Formula (b+d=p) Business plus digital equals progression

Formula to success 

 Knowing how to use the latest in digital advancements is a vital role to your company’s success. Have you noticed a multitude of new trending ways to market your brand, expand knowledge and endless opportunities? Have you thrown a curve ball lately? Business plus digital equals progression let’s go from phone-book to digital. Meetings in a boardroom are decreasing while digital meetings are increasing. Live in future for your business. What is your next step?

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Study Reveals How Journalists Use Social Media as News Sources

Social Media Study on Journalists and News Sources

Graphic courtesy Huffington Post.

How do journalists use social media, and is it important for reporting the news? A 2014 Indiana University School of Journalism study, reported in The Washington Post, revealed that yes, journalists use social media as news sources. But some other surprising findings emerged from the study of 1,080 U.S. journalists.(

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Shop with Social Media

Shopping Smart

Nowadays has been so easy to shop ! You can actually “Shop ’til You Drop“! Before you need to go or drive to shops . E-commerce is growing for every year. It is convenient and easy ! Internet is a must to have in every home. Even 3rd world countries that didn’t have access to internet before,now they have it.

Smart shopping

The other way of buying online is using the Social Media platforms like Facebook. Social Media is not just a virtual living space. It is also possible to offer products and services to the social users. You could say it is an informal way of shopping and you could meet a problem. You entered into a Facebook group that it can be open or you need to ask to be part of the group.  Members of the Facebook group start to exchanging ideas, tips and offering products and services. You decided to buy a product or a service from another member . You didn’t like it and you want to return the product or you aren’t happy with the service that you just have it . How shall you proceed ? You try to contact the other person and he or she has left the Facebook group. It can be the opposite as well. You are selling or offering  a service and you didn’t get pay back.
Since this trade is informal , most of the time just based on trust without a contract. But even an informal trade , consumer laws remains. You should always read the rules for Facebook group’s rules.

Some simple rules are :

  • get to know the person in Facebook or sell to a friend
  • use your local community to sell or buy
  • read the Facebook group rule displayed in the “Notes” tab of the group
  • write clear your own rules like “no returns”



Lululemon, good karma, great social media branding

Lululemon Manifesto1

The Lululemon Manifesto


Lululemon’s strong multi-platform social media strategy around their lifestyle branding has proven to be very successful. Their manifesto of being ‘passionate about sweating every day and wanting the world to know it’ is at the core of their branding mission. The good karma associated with enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle continues to differentiate their brand in a crowded field.

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It’s Time to Chat about SnapChat

snapchat header

It’s Time to Chat about SnapChat


It’s a typical weekend and your teenager’s friends come over for a visit. They are eager to play video games, go outside or go shopping. As usual you impede their progress with a quick discussion. Instead of talking about their social lives or school, we find ourselves engaging them in conversation about the latest social media communications they are using. This is how, as adults, we first heard about SnapChat. Most of us saw it as a mischievous teen app with potentially bad implications. According to, – “SnapChat was built seemingly to conquer the ill’s of sexting and taking inappropriate pictures”. Oh no! It’s time to chat about SnapChat. Continue reading

Learning from Product Reviews on Social Media

Product Review for 1-800-Flowers Valentine's FailThis past Saturday was Valentine’s Day, a day that many people associate with giving gifts to their loved ones. The gifts that are most related to this holiday are chocolates and flowers, and with the help of the internet, you can now have these delivered to your loved ones no matter how far away they are. Or at least, you can try. Buzzfeed documented the failure of 1-800-Flowers from this Valentine’s Day in an article that showed various unsatisfied customers who took to social media to share their product reviews. Many of the customers received seemingly automated responses.

This poor example of customer service should serve as a guide of how not to handle a situation like this. Instead, it’s an opportunity to learn about product reviews on social media. Continue reading

Syncing Your Blog to Goodreads

This is an illustration of books lined up with the words Goodreads, meet your next favorite book.To say that authors should be on Goodreads, and making the most of all its marketing potential, is like saying that scrapbooking companies should have a Pinterest presence. It’s just common sense niche social media marketing, right? Goodreads has over 25 million users and active readers. It’s an author’s gold mine. But many authors don’t make the most of Goodreads. If you already write a blog, did you know that you can enhance its reach and gain potential new readers by syncing your blog to Goodreads?

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How Social Media has changed my life: a introspective

SoMe Labels

 Resistance is futile, Social Media has Changed My Life

First, I freely admit that I’m late to the social media game. Like many that find themselves in the 50 plus demographic, I was clearly resistant to change.  I even resisted “texting”, until the President of our corporate division texted me to schedule an urgent conference call.  Needless to say, I immediately joined the texting rank and file.  Then along came Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, etc!  Years ago, I rolled my eyes at the IPO valuations, saying “I would never buy that company stock for one dollar”.  Now I find myself with not only with a toe, but in “tech water” that has now reached my knee.  Again clearly late, but social media has changed my life.

Sunrise, and I’m awakened by the chime of a Facebook notification from my new iPhone.  I have a fully functional original 3G iPhone, with a clear unbroken screen.  When my iPhone 6 salesman saw it, he says “OMG”, where did you get that? Does it still work?  Then proceeded to call his co-workers over to see it.  I felt like a walking, talking, relic of the Smithsonian Museum.  Actually, my only reason for upgrading, was to gain access to mobile social media.  Once again, social media has changed my life.

As I sip morning coffee, Facebook is opened and scanned before AOL, email, and letting the dogs out.  OMG, social media has changed my life.  My the time I reach my desk, I’m half way through my third cup.  Having scanned and read all incoming emails.  One message is from a new young TV producer.  He has a new show, and is looking for help getting it “on the air”.  The later phrase now being a ten-plus headed Hydra.  Once powered up, I “google” his name, and a couple small projects come up.  Quick scan, reading and almost done.  “Chime”, Facebook notification on the iPhone and iPad ringing in concert.  Quick check on “Instant Messenger”, and I’m back checking out the new guy.  Quick click to “LinkedIn”, and search for his profile.  Ok, here he is, only 6 connections in common, so he hasn’t been around very long, decent picture, appears intelligent.  I place him on my calendar to email later in the day.

As I read my daily media publications online, I notice a friend’s project that was just picked up by a network.  Back to LinkedIn, pull up the connection, write a quick “congrats” to him and hit send.  Then I remember a similar project, that the networks passed on.  What was that guy’s name?  Back to “google”, quick search, to LinkedIn, 2nd degree connection, quick note, hit send.

As the time reaches 10:30a CST, “chimes” equal 6 Facebook, and 2 LinkedIn notifications, again in concert from my iPhone and iPad, which sit on opposite sides of my iMac.  Ok, it’s 8:30a on the west coast, and everyone is either in or in route to the office.  OMG, social media has changed my life!


Content on The Tonight Show Features Fans


Television shows are incorporating fans’ content through social media to add interest, entertainment, engagement, and ratings. Now even you can be featured on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, one of the best social media users of fans’ content.

Jimmy Fallon using fans' content.Jimmy Fallon excels in engaging television audiences in interactive social media conversations. Fallon posts a weekly Twitter topic and Hashtag on The Tonight Show website and encourages viewers to tweet responses. Continue reading

Finding the right keyword search formula

Choosing the right keyword search formula for your Keyword search formulawebsite is a blend of creativity and science.

Remember those early writing assignments from high school — finding the right keyword search formula was key?  The ones where you had to actually visit a library to do research and cite your sources?  Writing for SEO isn’t that much different.  Like those papers, it starts with finding the right keyword search formula to begin your writing assignment.

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Why people write blogs

different words on chalkboard, focusing around the word blogHaving grown up in a culture where people tend to be reserved and keep things to themselves, we tend to look suspiciously at people who are sharing lots of personal stuff with friends, acquaintances and sometimes even complete strangers. So, the concept of writing a blog about me, my life and what I do all day long just seems a little suspicious or even pretentious.

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Email: How to Keep it Professional and Effective

Writing emailIn these days of communication it is important to understand and distinguish the difference between all kinds of communication avenues especially email.


Take text messaging for example, it is used primarily to send a quick , informal back and forth conversation usually no more than a few words or a single sentence. But in the professional arena most will utilize email, whether it is in a formal email to a client or a responsive email or even utilizing a LinkedIn email to reach out to fellow professionals. How you write the email is especially important. It can make the difference between making a sale, getting a promotion or  finding a job. You will be perceived on the way you write. Continue reading

Local Live TV Lives On

VOD_618x412-620x400Who Needs A TV Guide?

In the modern digital age,  local live TV lives on and still remains a force to be reckoned with, even with the option to record programs and watch them later.  Advertisers should not let the growing digital market and time-shifted TV services stop them from spending on local live TV, because together the mediums are stronger than either is on its own. Less than a decade ago the majority of viewers watched their programs as they aired.  Now, with on demand technologies, online streaming, and DVR recording,  it would seem viewers are choosing to watch programs at a time that is convenient for them. But even with these new ways of watching, local live TV viewing is at all time high.  According to, adults aged 18+ spend up to nine times more time watching Local TV vs time-shifted TV. 

     Avg. Min. Per Day Watching TV (A18+)
  Watching Live TV  Watching Time-Shifted TV
Q3 2014  272 min  30 min
 Q3 2013 284 min  28 min
 Q3 2012 290 min  24 min
     *Nielsen December 2014

 Local stations are finding alternative ways to reach this split viewership – both live and delayed – by measuring their digital traffic and finding new ways to drive that during their local programming.  According to the Pew Reasearch Center,  local television newscasts in the US are suffering from “shrinking pains,”  just like the local newspapers did before them. The limitations of local live TV reporting have made stories shorter leading to the average viewer losing interest or wanting more details and then seeking out online sources.  What local stations are doing combat this dip and keep the viewer engaged in its network/station is focus on driving the viewer to their website where they can learn more about the stories that interest them the most. Viewers can watch extended clips and interviews, stay up to date with breaking updates, and connect with other viewers through comments.


Getting Started on Twitter: A quick guide for beginners

Getting started on Twitter can be overwhelming. If you get too intimidated, remember that the shelf life of a Tweet is less than 20 minutes. Follow these quick tips for getting up and running on this social media network.


Choosing your handle on Twitter should be easy enough, right? Right. But, don’t forget the following considerations before choosing.

The shorter, the better: Remember that other Twitter users who “Retweet” — or forward — your tweets must include your handle, which is included in their character count. Keep it as short as possible to make it more likely others include your handle in their precious space allotment.


Keep it simple, professional, and creative. How’s that for difficult? If you’re creating a business biography, keep it professional, but don’t’ make it sounds like a press release. Be creative if you can, and don’t hesitate to include some interesting personal information.


Consider the following items when writing for Twitter (and other social media sites).

The 80/20 Rule applies for all social media. In this case, 80% of content should be valuable for the client; 20% can be promotional.

Following are some ideas about content from the authors of “Twitter Marketing that Doesn’t Suck”. The book suggests that equal consideration (20%) should be given to the following:

  • Professionally Valuable (20%)
  • Inspirational (20%)
  • Retweet (20%)
  • Promotional (20%)
  • Funny/Interesting (20%)

No matter if you post five times a day or five days a week, the author says that you should follow the content guidelines.


Begin by following companies in your industry, friends, family, and those businesses you’d like to know.

The etiquette on Twitter is to follow back anyone who follows you. See how this works for you. Follow people and companies that matter to you.

This practice will hopefully get you followers, but it will definitely give you a lot of reading material as you check your feed.

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Two men wearing white gloves holding picture of ancient art, computer, yahoo messanger and astronaut

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Can you predict the future in communications? From ancient artifacts to digital in communications. Architectural findings a beautiful wealth of information still awaiting its revealing day. Teaching and mystifying us on a daily basis this knowledge was and is very hard to be obtained. This is possible through passion, drive,inspiration, travel, time, and money. Records are kept by preserving artifacts and advancements in writing have led us to hand written records.

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The Old Agency Model Does not Work Anymore


The old agency model is no longer relevant to the more sophisticated advertisers and consumers in this modern age.

An advertising agency is a service based business that plan and implements advertising campaigns for clients through the use of research, creative ideas, media planning and buying. Traditionally, they produced TV commercials, radio commercials, Online advertising, out of home advertising and mobile advertising.


 New technologies and accessibility to information have changed how people consume media and connect with each other and it has also enabled brands to fill different roles apart from their physical products and services. The new agency model  is all about getting the right messages in front of the right people to ensure that the advertisers are reaching the right customers. Advertising  agencies see the need to create images and messages that connects people to brands even after the ad is over.

In 2015, since the old agency model does not work anymore, what are agencies to do to keep up on the race to be in front of as many eyeballs as possible and ensure that they are helping clients reach the right costumers? Sometimes this can be easier said than planned. With so many choices of traditional media  (TV, newspaper, magazines, radio, outdoor boards, etc.) and digital media (websites, email, blog, social networks, etc.) the agencies need to embrace interactive and nonlinear messaging and incorporate creative solutions.  In this new world, agencies have to  get used to the idea that game changing ideas come not only from the creative storyteller but from the software developer as well; great ideas embrace data and technology and create immediate results in real-time.

  A contemporary agency that wants to remain relevant has to adapt because the changes will not stop, they have to add tools and analytics capabilities to determine what works and what is wasted to ensure that dollars aren’t going into a cyber black hole, never to be seen or clicked.  



Social Media Imagery Basics

Social Media Imagery Basics

Social Media Imagery Basics

Inspired, humorous, unexpected, beautiful, informational, confrontational and political area few adjectives used to describe imagery that evokes emotional, mental and social trends that make connections with others. Images, like words can be inspirational and aspirational to motivate people to action. In a few seconds, an image create brand loyalty, generate business and build social networks for your clients with thoughtful and memorable social media imagery.

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