Social Media Playbook, Inflate Your Knowledge

Social Media Playbook, Inflate Your Knowledge image of deflated Super Bowl ball

Social Media Playbook, Inflate Your Knowledge

The big game is almost here! With all the distractions in the social media game, a team needs a playbook to focus on winning strategy. Now is the time to take the field with your social media playbook and inflate your knowledge!

Super Bowl XLIX is a great opportunity for you to observe the social media marketing tools in action. Monitor the play action from the Deflate Gate incident, pre-game hype, gametime commercials and post game analysis of effective social media strategies. Pay attention to the use of internet marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WordPress Blogs, Youtube Videos and SEO in strategic and viral messaging.

What’s Inside the Social Media Playbook

Strategy is key to an effective social campaign. Without a playbook, your team will not be competative in the social media game. Set goals and objectives with the key stakeholders, this will manage expectations and keep the team focused on the target actions and messaging. Create a social media playbook and adhere to the timeline activities to ensure success.

Internet marketing tools are the paymakers in the social media playbook. Watch how brand messaging and viral campaigns are distributed throughout Super Bowl weekend.

The Play Makers, What to Look For

  • Facebook – Viral memes, promotions,
  • Twitter – Up-to-date commentary
  • Youtube Videos – Some of the most successful ad campaigns have derived from social media. See the Doritos Super Bowl ads
  • WordPress Blogs – Opinions, game analytics
  • Google+ – See what those in your circle have to say about the Super Bowl

Get the Advantage

See what your competitors are doing. Adjust your tools to work best for you to make your campaigns efficient and sucessful. Use competative intelligence to get the play-byplay anaylsis of your digital campaigns.

Now get out there and develop your social media playbook and inflate your knowledge.;_ylt=AwrBJR8jf8lUvjsAOmfQtDMD;_ylt=AwrBJR8jf8lUvjsAOmfQtDMD

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