Social Media Changed Weddings (For Better or For Worse)

Social media has enabled people to share every little detail of their lives. Facebook and Twitter are packed with celebrations, conversations, and commentary that seems to interrupt and distract from daily life. However, these distractions also serve another purpose: recording memories.

Social media has become a large presence in our daily lives, but even more so in how we celebrate the most important events in our lives. Just think about how social media changed weddings. How has Pinterest alone changed how we plan weddings? Has social media changed the rules of wedding etiquette?

A picture of a cookie decorated to look like a facebook post about a wedding.

For Better

Social media has made positive changes in the wedding industry. Pinterest has become an effective tool to help brides picture what they want their wedding to look like. Brides can share these pins with their wedding planners, family, and friends, which helps to focus the ideas when planning while helping to spread the excitement about the big day.

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Social media changed weddings in terms of how they are viewed and documented. Brides can be busy an nervous on their big day and later might feel as though they might have missed something or someone. However, thanks to social media, it’s now easy for a wedding guest to upload a quick picture which the bride can look at later. This new perspective can help the bride relive the experience of her wedding day through the eyes of a loved one who was there.


Or For Worse

For all of the wonderful application social media has for weddings, it can also be distracting and inappropriately used. There is a vast amount of content on Pinterest that can cause indecision and stress for brides. That stress increases throughout the planning when brides continue to pin and try to add more to the big day. The ease of pinning multiple pins on Pinterest is not reflected in the amount of effort it takes to recreate those ideas.

Social media can be distracting and intrusive at weddings. There are moments you might want to make private during the ceremony.Special moments might be ruined by buzzing phones and camera flashes. When a guest pulls their phone or camera out during the ceremony, it distracts others and makes the photographer’s job difficult. The pictures the photographer takes are usually the most important to the bride and groom and a guest holding up their phone in the middle of it can ruin that moment.

A cartoon of social media used in a wedding


Social Media Changed Weddings

So if you are planning a wedding, how do you decide if or when to use social media on your big day? There are many new rules of wedding etiquette that can help you decide. Set up a social media policy and communicate with your guests. Don’t let social media ruin your wedding day.


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