Small Business Social Media Planning

Small Business Social Media Planning…Demystified the magic man behind the social media curtain

In reality, maximizing how you use social media is actually less mystifying than you think.  The secret is knowing a few marketing basics. Plotting out your plan in advance continues to be essential in reaching prospective customers and retaining the loyal followers you already have.

Social media channels like Facebook and YouTube give businesses the chance to take a more targeted approach versus the one-way hit and miss direct mail postcards. Another benefit to creating two-way interaction with customers is creating a dialogue with them and giving your customers a platform to tell the world how much they can’t live without your products or services. Having them sing your praises is priceless (literally)! However, it can also have the adverse effect if you aren’t strategic in your approach, so planning is key.

Before you start to build your social media plan, ask yourself these questions:
1) What are your services? If you are a personal chef and culinary genius, then show those delightful dishes on Instagram or do a step-by-step recipe and post it to Pinterest. Don’t just tell people you are great — show them with your mouth-watering pictures and give them a virtual path to find out more about you!

2) Who is your target audience? If you are a childcare provider, think about where prospective customers would go to find you. What are the trusted websites that you would need to have a presence? Maybe or Remember, being in the right place at the right time is essential, even in the world-wide web!

3) How do you keep the conversation going? You know your target service offering and have mapped out the right social media channels you will use to reach your target audience. Now you have to stay relevant to keep your existing customers interested and attract new ones every day! This part of your plan can seem overwhelming at first, but it can be the most fun if you give yourself space to be creative. Take a step back and determine if there are cycles of when your target audience seeks out your services. If you are a wedding cake bakery you know that the late spring and summer are when you need to keep your Social Media presence at peak performance to help all those brides coming to your site.

Once you’ve taken the mystery out of social media and planned your road map, you will make your next customer just simple mouse click away!

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