Project Management program

Trending in today’s business

Why are project management programs trending in today’s business world? Most business is based on the ability to complete projects. How well they are completed is based on meeting budgets, hours spent and outcome. These factors all effect a companies bottom line.

The disciplines learned in a project management program can transcend all industries. Everything from IT, communications, marketing, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, etc… From a company stand point it can mean the difference of taking a company from good to great. No wonder project management programs are trending. You can definitely not only add to your resume but also your job security with a project management program certificate.

As companies are beginning to realize the importance of this,  poor project management is expensive – an estimated $109 million for every $1 billion spent on projects each year – according to the Project Management Institute.

As an individual, going through a project management program and obtaining PMI certification can be beneficial to your income as well. Project Manager salaries for job postings nationwide are 55% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. ( source: )
“Glassdoor” gives us a quick look at average salaries of a project manager.,15.htm

In the Dallas area, SMU offers an exceptional Project Management program to get you all the knowledge and PDU hours you will need to sit for the Project Management exam. No denying Project Management programs are a trend that can benefit both you and your company!



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