The Power of Social Media Storytelling

The most successful public speakers are the ones who connect with their audiences by sharing compelling personal stories to illustrate their points. In social media, storytelling is equally powerful.

There’s a reason for why storytelling has engaged people from the beginning of time, from cave paintings to the Bible, to the birth of journalism to Internet marketing. What’s the reason? Apparently it’s basic human brain This is an illustration of two transparent faces looking at each other and each person's brain is visible to illustrate the connective power of social media According to Princeton scientist Uri Hassan, When we hear or see a story, rather than just being told or reading the information, more areas of our brain are activated so it’s like we’re experiencing the events of the stories ourselves. In essence, our brains sync up with the storyteller’s brain. We connect. Responding to stories is a central characteristic of humans since we are social creatures who crave social connection.

Consumers already connect with brands through storytelling, their own. They tell stories they share about their experience with a brand, often online on social media. But brands can and should create their own stories through social media storytelling to connect with their customers and potential customers. If your clients are not making use of social media storytelling, it’s time to help them see the science of why it could lead to more customers and better customer relationships.

Examples of Companies Using Social Media Storytelling Well

Sometimes the best way to start doing something is to see how others are doing it, and doing it well. Here are some examples of companies that have incorporated social media storytelling into their video marketing efforts.

And storytelling isn’t limited to video and doesn’t require expensive equipment. Pictures and text can also provide compelling storytelling content. Here’s an example of how some companies are using visual storytelling on Facebook.

Many brands are using Instagram to tell stories and connect with their customers.

You wouldn’t think about putting your kids to bed without story time, right? Stories are powerful in their ability to connect people. To inspire, educate, entertain, or just to enlighten. So encourage your clients to embrace social media storytelling in creative ways that are unique to their brands. And watch their customers respond.

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