Immigrants and Social Media



Once a upon time…

Can you imagine how hard it was moving to another country without knowing what you would find on the other side? This person is called an immigrant! For many people it was the only way to survive, requiring a strong will to change your lifestyle!  Immigrants arrived in America just with one thing in their bags, a better life! People use to say: The grass is greener on the neighbor’s side! These immigrants just heard about someone who had already emigrated and told them how fantastic was on the other side! You didn’t even have a phone so you could hear people’s voice or go online to see how the new place looks like. By the way if you like genealogy, I recommend you to have a look at a website FamilySearch.


So you could lie as much as you wanted! Then the telegraph and the movies arrived.  It reminds me of the Italian movie, Cinema Paradiso, where a small village in Italy during the Second World War got together inside a church to watch movies and  dream about the next step in living! You should go and see this movie that won an Oscar  for best foreign film. Watch the trailer! When the TV arrived, and you could dream about other places to emigrate sitting on a sofa in your house. I grow up watching American TV series as I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and more…. It was just great just thinking about to order a milk shake, a banana split or even a burger! I can imagine how Marco Polo felt when he arrived in Asia and saw and taste so many new things. Thanks to him and all the other braves explore who described and wrote about other cultures to us. We are getting closer to this HUGE impact on the life of an immigrant! Internet revolution! I spent so  many years without reading news from my country or without knowing what it is going on over there! The post  usually took  a week or many weeks to arrive at the destination. At many decades ago you could call the  family and friends, but this was so expensive, so it was a luxury or a treat !!!!!!!!! Many times I used a Payphone to call because it was cheaper to do so. This young generation doesn’t have a clue what a pay phone is? Maybe because they never saw one! Some devices like the Walkman had gone from the market. Nobody uses one anymore.

 Social Media

You must be thinking now,  how is this related to Social Media? So much !!!!!!!!! The Internet brings the possibility to get connected with everything and everyone almost everywhere! So having tools like Orkut, this one has gone already, but it was very popular for some years ago connection millions of people around the world. Orkut gave me the possibility of finding families, friends that I have not heard about in years! It means a bunch for an immigrant getting in touch with your roots instantly. It feels like you are there, but you are here! Do you understand me? So many ways of communication and getting in touch with your community in a very easy and quick way, and more now you have this possibility in the palm of your hands! You can be chatting with many friends or family at the same time, using apps on your smartphone like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and more… For a business perspective, an immigrant has a lot of to gain with the Social Media. For example, if you make cakes in your home, you can spread the world with all these apps that I mentioned before. Now I cannot think before the time of Social Media Revolution! Get Social, and you will not feel lonely more! 


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