How to sell on Facebook

How to sell on Facebook

#digpro picture of a cell phone on facebook page with money How to sell on Facebook

How to sell on Facebook/Scrolling in the money #digpro

  Would you like to make some extra cash, market your business, brand or just get rid of unwanted items using digital communications and social Media? Do you have a Facebook page? If so you are on the right page. How to sell on Facebook Groups at no cost to you. How to sell on Facebook Group Pages by logging into your Facebook page.

How to sell on Facebook

Start by logging into your Facebook page. Find your search button/ icon (magnified glass)  click search bar, type in your local area sales. Example: Mckinney Allen Frisco Prosper Celina Plano Little Elm Savannah sales. Once you have found a site, click on the site, then click join group. Some groups you will join instant while others you will have wait for Admin to approve you to join the group. Now that you joined the group you can sell on Facebook. Simply read rules , click post(located under the heading at the top of that page), write your description and price Example: $5 PU Plano, add a photo by clicking the camera button, Proof read, finally hit post located top right of posting page. Now wait for someone to comment Want or Next.

Sell on Facebook by expanding your search, type your interests and the area in the search bar Example: Dallas County Cars Trucks and SUVs For Sale. Sell on Facebook by County Example: Collin County Online Garage Sales.

Need to know while selling on Facebook

Marketing Your Brand, Business may or may NOT be allowed , read admin rules.  Admin Rules click > icon located at the heading of the Sell site’s page, there you will find Rules, Report Group, cancel group and the number of members.

You will use while Posting:

  • PPU = Pending Pick-Up
  • PU = Pick-Up
  • ISO = In Search Of
  • INO = In Need Of
  • VGC = Very Good Condition
  • NLC = New Like Condition
  • OBO = Or Best Offer
  • NIB = New In Box
  • NWT = New With Tags
  • BUMP = Type BUMP in the comment section under your post to send/bump it to the top

Buyers will comment on your post:

  • Want = Buyer wants the item
  • Next = Buyer knows someone is before them but would like to be NEXT if the other does not get

Now time to start scrolling in the money. Feel free to leave a comment or a link.

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