Fashion Good Guys: Levi Strauss Blog A Voice for Good Works

Fashion is cool, glamorous, engaging, celebrity-obsessed. Fashion is a big business. While media focuses on the fashion runways, the latest trends, and who’s hot and who’s not, there’s another story. Fashion’s good guys. Perhaps not someone you’d think of as a setter of trends, Levi Strauss & Co. ( is one of those good guys. This iconic jeans brand is committed to ethical practices. Its social conscience can be seen in its support of the global women’s health initiative, The HERProject sponsored by BSR (Businesses for Social Responsibility) (

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Levi’s are made all over the world, and in places where health concerns like HIV/Aids, pre-natal care, and sanitation need the support of companies like Levi Strauss. They’ve joined hands with other like-minded big fashion brands like Nordstrom and Timberland. Levi Strauss’ social responsibility extends into other areas as well, like sustainability, eco-friendly production practices, and more.

Getting this message of social responsibility across to the public is clear in its digital communications, such as the company’s “Unzipped” blog. Here Levi Strauss trumpets its “good guy” message and contributions in fields such as global women’s health or sustainability.  An example is Levi Strauss’ “Unzipped” blog post Dec. 1, 2014 supporting World AIDS Day. “We’ve been longtime supporters of AIDS/HIV advocacy and we’ve encouraged education at a company-wide level since 1982, when news of the disease became public knowledge,” LS&Co. blogger, Michelle Wright wrote.

The blog also reflects how “Unzipped” writes for effective SEO, with numerous links embedded into the blog post, i.e. Levi Strauss Foundation,, etc.

Being fashionable, today, also means being aware of those companies that embrace social responsibility. Levi Strauss is setting trends in being socially responsible as one of the good guys.

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