Digital Media Ad Spending Continues To Grow

TV and digital advertising are the most powerful and fastest growing media markets.  The digital world has changed the way we use and consume media and it has changed our culture.  According to and, digital ad spending will pass TV spending in the U.S. by 2017.  A growth is projected of 4.8% is projected, increasing share from 27% to 30%, which will convert to $536 billion in 2015.  Digital media continues to be a big growth story – at a 27% share in November 2014, up 11% from November 2013.  Television’s total share is 58% for November 2014, down 2%.  Radio and Magazine are each at 4% share, down 8%, Newspapers are at a 4% share or flat to a year ago, and Out Of Home now sits at a 3% share, down 24%.  Knowing this landscape, we know it’s time to focus on digital advertising. 

The world of TV is competing with digital media ad spenditures and has found new ways to incorporate digital as part of its multiplatform sales capabilities. The steps that are being taking to understand the digital landscape are as follows.  Learning how to think like a digital marketer, learning how to uncover digital advertisers goals, how to sell integrated offerings. Also learning how to prepare for digital meetings and how to overcome objections.  Lastly, to know how to sell against the competition.   All media outlets now incorporate digital media capabilities and are offered as part of their multiplatform plans.

In today’s culture it is common for a person to be watching TV while surfing the internet or engaging in social media.  It is now possible for advertising to reach its audience using several mediums at the same time.  It’s not about watching a 30 second commercial and delivering a quick message anymore.  Advertising literally has the ability to create a 360 degree presence with its audience.   This is why it is so important that as marketers maximize these abilities by really understanding the client and their advertising goals.


Digital Media Continues Growing

Digital Media and TV Reach The Multi-Tasking Viewer


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