LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers – Manage Your Endorsements

Manage your endorsements on LinkedInYou sit at your computer and an email from LinkedIn pops up notifying you a connection has endorsed you for your legal abilities in real estate – only problem is your practice consists of immigration work. Although your connections mean well by endorsing your skills, their endorsement might not be for the areas you practice in or how you want to represent your practice. You start to take notice of LinkedIn Endorsements and think to yourself, “What can I do to manage my endorsements better?” Thankfully, managing your endorsements on LinkedIn isn’t as hard as it might seem. There are several approaches you can take to manage your endorsements quickly and easily.
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Surreal Double Exposure in Camera

Surreal Double Exposure in Camera

Image by Spencer Martinez

Creating a surreal double exposure in camera can be done if your camera has the capabilities, if you know how to set the exposures and understand how to adjust the settings. The concept lies within shooting your first image, the subject in a silhouette while blowing out the background, then with the second exposure filling in the underexposed areas. To be successful with this process, you will need to step down one stop for each shot.

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Community non-profit engagement strategy ideas

Community non-profit engagement strategy ideas

Do you want to develop your nonprofit while raising awareness in your community? Would you like to maintain your clients and grow that number? You need a “Community non-profit engagement strategy”. A committee meeting is a great place to collaborate ideas and information needed to present your current and new members of your non-profit. Having a nonprofit updated checklist is vital to your success.

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Knowing your brand and using social media to promote it

yourbrandKnowing your brand and using social media to promote it may seem like something reserved for Fortune 500 companies.  In reality, they are not the only ones that need a brand and social media presence.  Today even individuals can benefit from building a recognizable brand through social channels.  You may be wondering why you need to brand yourself and here’s why.

Think of it as a way of promoting yourself.  Today’s job market has completely shifted from in-person searches, calls and other non-technical means, to online searches. This means knowing your brand and using social media to promote it are your first line of defense. Your dream job may not appear on job boards like or Knowing your brand and using social media could lead a recruiter conducting a confidential search right to YOU.  Having a recognizable brand and using social media to promote it become your most powerful tool whether you are looking for a job or not.Your brand and using social media

Your brand and knowing how to promote it

When building your brand and using social media, consider the following in your planning process.

  • Network, network, network: Most business people have already tapped into the power of LinkedIn, which has become the largest network of professionals.  It’s not enough to have a LinkedIn account. Creating your brand and using social media will increase your visibility to others within the site. Listening and commenting on conversations to keeping up-to-date with your network’s activities and giving congratulating will raise your ranking for those potential recruiters.
  • Selecting the right tools: Using visuals to promote your work or telling a story can instantly make a connection for the viewer before even ever meeting you.   Consider creating accounts that can support your trade.  If you are a photographer, share your work on  If you are a chef, share your recipes and photos on  Videographer, is your best friend.  You get the idea!
  • Stay relevant: Don’t forget that the virtual world moves quickly and it is important to keep your profile and support social media channels updated with your latest work.  This can also increase your visibility in internet searches.

Knowing your brand and using social media to promote it can be easy.  It all starts with a plan of what is the best way of promoting yourself and keeping it relevant.

Facebook Tools to Target Ads

picture of a dartboard with darts in the center representing "on target"Facebook Advertising: Tools to Target Ads

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a big “thank you” last week to Facebook advertisers and announced they had reached two million active advertisers.  In spite of the nice “thanks,” that’s probably good and bad news for advertisers. Continue reading

Magic: The Every-Man’s Personal Assistant Service

Looking for ways to add some convenience to your life?  Do you need some help knocking a few pesky items off your to do list?

If so, this new personal assistant service may be the answer to your call… or text, as the case may be!

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Business development using social media

Business development using social media

What is Business development using social media? Development/growth for your business using Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Walk though the introduction of social media platforms and how to use them to develop your business. Today’s market is full of ways to connect with your audience using social media platforms. We will start at your website and work our way out! Continue reading

Twitter Story Pitches May Yield School Media Coverage


Twitter story pitches increases media coverage.As a school district public relations professional, you are working diligently to pitch story ideas to area, state, and national news media to obtain coverage for your district. With so many educational entities vying for news media attention, some public relations experts recommend that you add Twitter story pitches to your social media strategies for communicating to journalists.

In many cases, print, television, and digital journalists still prefer story pitches in an email. Some reporters like to use Facebook. Building a professional relationship with the news media is also still a critical part of the job. Continue reading

Engagement through social media storytelling

Three great tools that can help you create engagement through social media storytelling.

social media storytellingCreating an engaging campaign increase chances of people recalling your brand; however using social media storytelling tools will give them the power to share your story for you.  According to Statista, in 2014 there are approximately 164 million smart phone users in the United States.  That is almost three times more than 2010. Like the number of users increasing, so have the number of engaging social media storytelling tools.   Making your stories easy to share is essential to enabling your audience to tell your story for you.

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Business plus digital equals progression

Formula (b+d=p) Business plus digital equals progression

Formula to success 

 Knowing how to use the latest in digital advancements is a vital role to your company’s success. Have you noticed a multitude of new trending ways to market your brand, expand knowledge and endless opportunities? Have you thrown a curve ball lately? Business plus digital equals progression let’s go from phone-book to digital. Meetings in a boardroom are decreasing while digital meetings are increasing. Live in future for your business. What is your next step?

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Finding the right keyword search formula

Choosing the right keyword search formula for your Keyword search formulawebsite is a blend of creativity and science.

Remember those early writing assignments from high school — finding the right keyword search formula was key?  The ones where you had to actually visit a library to do research and cite your sources?  Writing for SEO isn’t that much different.  Like those papers, it starts with finding the right keyword search formula to begin your writing assignment.

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The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Two men wearing white gloves holding picture of ancient art, computer, yahoo messanger and astronaut

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications

The Art of the evolutionary change in communications Can you predict the future in communications? From ancient artifacts to digital in communications. Architectural findings a beautiful wealth of information still awaiting its revealing day. Teaching and mystifying us on a daily basis this knowledge was and is very hard to be obtained. This is possible through passion, drive,inspiration, travel, time, and money. Records are kept by preserving artifacts and advancements in writing have led us to hand written records.

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Listening though the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media Listening through the ears of social media #digpro monitoring

Listening through the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media

Listening though the ears of social media Who What When Where. Who is your audience? What devices are they using? Where are they online? Continue reading 

What’s trending in social media? Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag Campaigns, digital communications, social media, trends, twitter

What’s trending in social media?

Quick tips to put you on the right path for your social media hashtag campaigns

If you’ve watched television or shopped at the mall recently, chances are that you’ve seen multiple Hashtag Campaigns. This phenomenon seemed to have appeared out of nowhere overnight and has completely flooded not only social media, but overall communication and marketing channels for every company imaginable.

Wondering how you can build the right Hashtag Campaigns for your small business? Look no further; here are three tips to consider as you prepare for your marketing calendar. Continue reading

Go global with social media

world map of social media toolsCongratulations! You have developed a really powerful social media strategy for the U.S. market. Your audience is very engaged, they love your brand and even your top management is very pleased with the results. In fact, they are so happy about your social media activities that they want you to go global with social media! How exciting!

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Tips for Protecting Your Online Reputation

Protecting Your Online Reputation Matters

You already know that your reputation, just like a good first impression, is important in personal and professional settings.  Protecting your online reputation is increasingly important as you are judged by the results of online searches.  This information is often the first or only information that individuals receive about you. Continue reading

How to sell on Facebook

How to sell on Facebook

#digpro picture of a cell phone on facebook page with money How to sell on Facebook

How to sell on Facebook/Scrolling in the money #digpro

  Would you like to make some extra cash, market your business, brand or just get rid of unwanted items using digital communications and social Media? Do you have a Facebook page? If so you are on the right page. How to sell on Facebook Groups at no cost to you. How to sell on Facebook Group Pages by logging into your Facebook page.

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Slacktivism: Acitvism for the Modern World

What is Slacktivism?

If you are a frequent social media user, odds are you have participated in some amount of social media activism… perhaps even slacktivism.   Continue reading