Social Media in Higher Education

Utilizing Social Media in Higher Education

Long gone are the days where high school students looked through pamphlets of regional colleges and universities to decide which school they wanted to attend. College recruitment has gone from a part-time job of a college counselor to a multi-million dollar component of university budgets. Tactics ranging from in-person visits to direct mailers are deployed in order to secure a freshman class, however; both are incredibly expensive. With collegiate state and federal funding drastically decreasing, new recruitment methods that are more cost effective are being used. The largest of which, is utilizing social media in higher education.

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Women Love Wine and Social Media

You know women love wine and social media. The question is can you encourage women to try, and buy, your wines by engaging them in conversation online.

This is a photo of Women Love Wine and Social Media.According to a 2014 Gallop poll, women are wine drinkers, more than 46% of women who drink alcohol choose wine as their drink of choice. Women buy 57% of all wine sold and they are buying it for consumption, not collecting it. With this kind of buying power, the potential is huge for any wine brand that can win them over. But how to reach female buyers? Pew research shows that 80% of women online regularly use social media and 77% of them are on Facebook. Women love wine and social media, to reach more female wine buyers, connect with them online.

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Multiple Accounts in Instagram is Now a Reality

Multiple Accounts in InstagramIs the new functionality allowing the management of multiple accounts in Instagram a tactic to steal Twitter users?

Social media managers, your dreams have come true! Being able to switch between multiple accounts in Instagram is finally happening. Instagram announced on Twitter that the long-requested feature would begin to appear in iOS and Android apps this week in version 7.15, though leaks revealed a few users were already seeing the feature last week. Select users in the app’s official beta testing group for Android received the update back in November with version 7.12 as the social network was testing the functionality. Since then, Instagram users have been waiting in eager anticipation for a full rollout.

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Facebook Etiquette

rtr4c0uzTo Facebook Friend Your Boss, Or Not To Facebook Friend Your Boss; that seems to be the question of the century. Facebook Etiquette Today: Private lives have always been just that; private; until the first appearance of Facebook on college campuses in 2004 and in the work place in 2007. Before then, personal and private lives were shared through word of mouth, phone calls, letters, and emails. Now, no matter much one tries to keep their private and work lives separate from each other, they seem to always mix when it comes to social media. Private lives were easier to control before Facebook because it was controlled mostly by the person speaking and not other people tagging on your behalf. Facebook allows people to place every moment in their every day lives online, while the human race has lost the art of communication in person. Continue reading

Snapchat, the Next Texting Tool of Future Generations

Is Snapchat the Next Texting Tool of Future Generations?

Has Snapchat emerged from its infancy as a sexting app to Snapchat the next texting tool of choice?  Snapchat appears to have grown up and is the primary choice of communication for the younger generations.  Snapchat is a real-time digital communications forum where one can combine photos, videos, sound, and text within your message through unique filters. Snapchat with its combination of text, photos, and videos is an unbelievably fun way to communicate.  The saying a picture is worth a thousand words comes to life within the Snapchat environment.  Read more about how Snapchat mixes video and texting. Continue reading

Wine and Social Media: A Perfect Blend for success?

This is a photo of vineyards for wine and social media.So you’ve tweeted a picture-perfect shot of your vines glistening in the California sun, fabulous. But are wine and social media the perfect blend to increased sales at your winery?

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Free Social Media Tools

A list of the top 5 FREE social media tools every social media manager needs to know about:


Hootsuite – a complete social media management system. From posting content to multiple channels, to measuring analytics to monitoring what people are saying about your brand. This platform is go-to social media platform and is one of the top rated free social media tools. Continue reading

Top Accounts to Follow on Instagram

instagram_2787001bEveryone and there dogs (literally) have an Instagram account these days, and with so many accounts it’s hard to find the top accounts to follow on Instagram. With over 300 million monthly active users, there is an Instagram account for just about anything. From fashion blogs, health tips, foodie blogs, and inspirational quotes, here is a list of Instagram accounts you don’t want to miss out on:

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5 Steps to Mastering the Fears of a New Social Manager

There are 5 steps to mastering the fears of a new social manager. Becoming a social media manager can be scary. What if you post the wrong article, what if you post with a misspelling. There are so many things that can go wrong, but you have to get over that fear in order to be successful. With a little bit of practice all will be fine. Continue reading

Social Media Don’ts for Attorneys

You always come across information on how you should market your practice and what you should do to boost your profile online. But what are the social media don’ts for attorneys?

Loose Lips Might Sink ShipsDon’t share anything confidential – This “don’t” might be met with a big “duh”, but it never hurts to be reminded. You can become comfortable on social media, surrounded by your friends and connections in the virtual world. Just like elevator talk can get you in trouble, accidently posting confidential information is a no-no. Don’t talk about clients, or your cases – not even if one of your connections brings it up.

What else are social media don’ts for attorneys? 

Thumbs Down - Social Media Don'ts for AttorneysDon’t share advice – A friend shares a status update with a legal problem. You might be inclined to offer some guidance on the matter. Please do not give advice. This might be misconstrued and you could be unintentionally drawn into an attorney-client relationship.

Don’t badmouth others – It is easy to have an off day and go on Facebook to blow off steam to your friends. With 78% of attorneys being on one or more social media platforms, keep in mind the legal community is very connected. You never know who is a friend of a friend or if what you are saying will slip out of the virtual world. Don’t talk about other attorneys, judges, and other staff you encounter.

Don’t discuss your firm business – Though firm business would usually be considered confidential, innocuous status updates might end up being a bigger deal than first thought. For example, you update your status saying “Hurray! Going home early…a little computer virus shut us down.” Not the best way for you to inform clients, their confidential information could be compromised.

Don’t add or friend everyone – Should you be friends or connected with clients? LinkedIn is a great place for professionals to connect. You should have a professional profile there so, it is perfectly acceptable and should be encouraged to connect with clients there. Facebook is a bit trickier. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. If you want it to be strictly close friends and family, just send a quick note saying that you prefer to keep professional connections on LinkedIn instead.

For more information about social media, please see TYLA’s informative social media handbook.

Using Social Media to Enhance Live Events

Enhance live events using social mediaHave you hosted or attended an event that fell flat? Maybe nobody showed up, it was poorly organized or it was all about the lead sponsor. We’ve all at least been to events like these, right? Regardless, there’s hope for your next event. Let’s discuss how social media can enhance live events.

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Blogging on LinkedIn – LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers

Woman BloggingAs reported by the American Bar Association’s 2014 Legal Technology Survey Report, LinkedIn is a lawyer’s preferred social media platform.  In early 2014, LinkedIn gave users the ability to share long-form posts – it is essentially blogging on LinkedIn.  This is a great feature that is only building in popularity.  If you have been thinking about blogging, a good way to test the waters is by using the long-form posts on LinkedIn. Continue reading

Organize your Social Media

As a social media manager you may find it difficult to say organized. You walk into work everyday with a plan. As soon you sit down all the fire alarms set off. You have to post a new press release, you have to socialize an event, you have an angry client on twitter that you have to address, and you have a spontaneous meeting that derailed your day. That’s the typical day of a social media manager. How can one effectively get through the day organized in such a way that the fire alarms don’t totally throw your day off?

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What is Social Employee Advocacy

Social employee advocacy is important. How many of us feel comfortable being a social advocate for your brand? Not many. Factors like, invasion of social privacy and happiness with your company play a huge role in whether or not an employee participates socially . How could we change this occurrence?  Continue reading

2015 Social Media Updates

social-media-worldThere is no denying that social media has turned our world upside down. It has completely transformed the way we communicate. As marketers and communicators, it is vital to stay up-to-date in the ever changing landscape of social media. Here are some 2015 social media updates you won’t want to miss out on.


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Breaking Down the Cuban Broussard Twitter War

In last week’s blog post, it was reported that the Dallas Mavericks and center DeAndre Jordan had come to terms on a four-year contract.  Between that verbal agreement on July 3rd and the first day players are actually allowed to sign these new deals, July 9th, Jordan had a change of heart and decided to return to the Los Angeles Clippers.  Social media, of course, went bananas.  Players took to Twitter and Instagram about last-minute negotiations, an emoji bonanza kept things entertaining, and ESPN’s Chris Broussard sent out a tweet about Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, that started the Cuban Broussard Twitter War. Continue reading

The Importance of Social Listening

We all enjoy talking, but do we ever really listen? We are all negligent to this behavior. In the world of digital communication it’s easy to just spout out information and forget to listen. Digital communication is the new wave of the world, but are you actually listening to what your prospects and clients have to say? Continue reading

How to Use Twitter for Business more Efficiently

 Twitter for BusinessIf you’re not using Twitter for business than you’re probably missing out on reaching a whole group of potential customers! Many businesses have incorporated Twitter into their social media marketing and most have found success. That said it is important to know how to use your Twitter account to its full potential, especially when it is a company account. Below are a few steps to help you use Twitter for business for efficiently. Continue reading

Twitter and NBA Free Agency

In age of Twitter NBA Free Agency much more accessible for fans

The news just broke that former Clippers center and unrestricted free agent, DeAndre Jordan, has reportedly come to terms with the Dallas Mavericks, and if you been following NBA Free Agency on Twitter, this should come as no surprise to you. Continue reading

In Women’s World Cup Social Media is Huge

FIFA Women’s World Cup Social Channels Have Booming Numbers

Women's World Cup Social LogoIt’s Friday afternoon at the time of this post and the US Women’s Soccer Team is hours away from its quarterfinal match versus China.  And social media is paying attention. Continue reading

How to: Convice your boss the power of social media

Social media is ranked the most difficult marketing tactic. Surprised?

Why is this? And why does your boss not understand the importance of investing time and resources into doing it right?

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How to: Grow Your Brand on Instagram

How to grow your brand on Instagram and get noticed.


The power of Instagram is enormous – more than 16 billion photos have been shared to date, with an average of 55 million uploaded each day. Social media users interact with brands on Instagram 58 times more than they do on Facebook, and a whopping 120 times more than on Twitter. With so many users, it’s hard to get noticed. Increasing brand visibility and building a community on Instagram is one of the most challenging things to do, but follow these 5 steps and you will reach your goal in no time.

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How To Measure Social Media Engagement

Person practicing social media engagement

It isn’t good enough for your brand to simply exist in the social media universe today. Cultivating social media engagement should be a top priority if you want to remain relevant and impact your bottom line (plus, it is “social” media after all). But with so many different social media channels out there, each offering unique types of engagement (Likes, RTs, +1s, Comments, Shares, etc.), how can you know if the engagement you’re receiving is really helping?

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Social Media Can Drive Sales

social media can drive sales platforms

Social media is very important in today’s digital age and social media can drive sales, but that depends on how well a company uses the tools provided for each platform. First and foremost, if a company is not present online they are probably perceived as untrustworthy, hiding something, or they don’t care enough about their customers to interact with them on a personal basis, so it is important to have a social media presence. That said social media is a tool that can be used for so many different things, like customer service, announcing new products and services, and even telling customers about new deals, but the one thing that every business wants is for their efforts to drive sales!

So how do you than use social media to drive sales? Well, it depends on how much effort and time your business puts in. According to Bryan Kramer, the CEO of Pure Matter, the best strategy is not to sell, but to spend your time listening on all the different platforms. Below are 3 tactics that if businesses use show how social media can drive sales. Continue reading

The Evolution of Communication

The evolution of communication. Once we understand that every generation communicates differently we will be able to build more effective relationships

The Evolution of Communication

The way people communicate has evolved over the years. If you look back on history you will see that are many stages to the way people have communicated. You have people that are only accepting of human touches: face -to- face, telephone, audio and video chat. Then you have people that are only accepting of electronic touches such as email, IM, texting, blogs, podcasting and last but not least social media. And of course there are people that are accepting of both.

Have you ever considered that people from different generations communicate differently? For example my mother does not understand the internet slang abbreviation LOL (laughing out loud). This is a prime example of generational communication gaps. Now it’s all beginning to make sense.

What if we could understand how to effectively communicate to all generations?

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Social Media in focus at the Mobile World Congress 2015

It is all about that “connection” !Connecting-People1

This event has happened since 1987 in the city of Barcelona, Spain. All these years the main focus of this event have been GSM mobile telecom operators in the world. But this year, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was invited to be one of the key guest speaker and present new ideas of Social Media . The first question he got was : “Why is a Social Media company like Facebook leading the change of the world bringing internet to everyone ?”

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8 Social Media Influencers & Organizations to Follow

influencer graphicThere are several great social media influencers and organizations to follow on Twitter. Some very interesting examples are listed below. If Twitter isn’t your thing, many of them are also on other social platforms and a quick search should find them.

They are great resources for news, updates, tips and more from the social media world.

Happy Following!

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The future of Social Media, and how it relates to Content Distribution.

Dr. Phil using fans' content.

Social Media will become a viable choice for Content Distribution.

Social Media is defined as; forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content.  Content Distribution, as it relates to television can be generally defined as; the systematic placement of entertainment programming throughout a specific territory.  The content distribution team, may currently choose several different strategies and platforms; broadcast network television (ABC, NBC, CBS…), syndicated broadcast television (various television stations throughout the country), cable television (Time Warmer, Comcast..) satellite television (Direct TV, DisH…), internet based streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu,…), internet based social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube…).

Despite the current Social Media definition, there has always been small, personal communities to share ideas and messages.  The later was called “water cooler conversations”, “hanging out”, and “talking on the  telephone”.  However, technology has now connected the populations of the world in ways that most could not imagine 15-20 years ago.  In regard to television, the closest program to “go viral”, was ABC’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.  The gameshow airing in primetime on consecutive nights, broke virtually every ratings record.  Elevating host Regis Philbin, to the status of “The Man who saved the Network”.  A statement that is arguably true.

Now the internet, and new tech hardware has taken social media to it’s current form, and placed all content within it’s streaming grasp.  SnapChat, the disappearing message app, has launched a new entertainment feed called “Discover”.  Facebook’s newsfeed is more substantial everyday, and I wouldn’t rule out scheduled programming going forward.  Twitter has increased the availability of embedded video, and may stream content live regularly at some point.  And Youtube, has become a viable alternative to television as we currently know it.  And with the addition of NFL programming, it’s footprint will only grow at an exponential rate.

What we have in effect, is a convergence of platforms which compete for public attention.  The question is, can you get enough Dr Phil, Live with Kelly and Michael, or Entertainment Tonight by liking their Facebook page, or subscribing to their Youtube channel?  The television studios are hoping the answer is no, or at least, not anytime soon.  However, unlike the terminal, historic decision to go VHS or Beta.  Hollywood is making sure their programming is available on all platforms.  As the public decides who the ultimate distribution survivors will be.  The studios will be ready to expand or shutdown, whatever the situation or business decision warrants.

So the future of Social Media is an ever increasing intimate relationship with Content Distribution.  The day may come (sooner than later), when you watch your daily episode of Ellen, on her Facebook page.  The same is true for any other programming that you currently find on broadcast or cable television.  The technology is here, the studios and social media platforms are just waiting for the FCC, and the Supreme Court to catch up.


Is Your SEO Strategy Working?

This is a hand written doodle about SEO Strategy with stick figures holding large tools and pointing them at the big letters SEO in the middle.Small business owners savvy enough to have jumped on the SEO bandwagon and hired someone to “do SEO” for their website are sticking their heads up out of the social media sands and looking around, wondering if they’re getting their money’s worth from their SEO strategy. Maybe their sites aren’t ranking very highly in search engine rankings. “Why can’t I find my company when I search for fill-in-the-blank?” Then frustration sets in when busy business owners feel like they’re getting taken advantage of. Sound familiar? If you’re in that situation, it’s time to take a step back and audit your SEO Strategy. Continue reading

Social Media at Downton Abbey Changes Lives

What if you were hired on staff to introduce social media to the fictional English Crawley family of Downton Abbey? The Crawleys are living a privileged life during the post Edwardian era, but would their lives be even more fascinating if there was social media at Downton Abbey?

As a new Downton Abbey employee, you may want to start by introducing the family to Twitter. Cora Crawley, the Countess of Grantham, could tweet daily messages to the staff including Mrs. Patmore, the cook, and Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper. Tweets such as include biscuits with tea or plan on a party of 20 for dinner would save time and manpower. The servants’ work load would be more efficient if they could tweet each other about silver that needs to be polished or rooms that need to be dusted. Continue reading