Food For Thought Light Bulb

Living with Diabetes: Food for Thought!

Making healthy choices is crucial to managing your blood glucose levels. Along with physical activity (and medication, if prescribed), healthy food choices are essential. A smart meal plan will not only aid in the success of living with Diabetes but overall health. The risk of heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cancers are also significantly reduced by following a healthy diet. Continue reading

Pre-Diabetes Wake-Up Call Megaphone on Red Background

Pre-Diabetes: The Wake-up Call

If you have received a Pre-Diabetes diagnosis, then you are one in over 86 million Americans at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes within six months to five years. But it’s not too late to answer the call to action!

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Picture of Coco Chanel in 1920

Dallas-Dijon Twinning: Chanel, Guest of Honor of Dallas

Dallas enjoys a special relationship with Chanel.  This relationship elevated Chanel to an eternal guest of honor of Dallas. This fashion love affair started back in 1957 in the context of the launch of the Dallas-Dijon twinning. Today more than ever, the spirit of the double initial C brand founder, endures in Dallas.

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What Is Snapchat? – A Millennial Perspective to Baby Boomers

Filtered selfies are the easy answer to the question what is Snapchat? Addressing every app with the umbrella term ‘social media’ doesn’t makes you understand the uniqueness of each platform. The way you interact varies per app as each one holds its own personality, culture, and reason to unlock. Continue reading

chalk drawing with words don't be a statistic

Type 2 Diabetes: The Silent Killer

Are you one of the 1 in 4 living with this silent killer inside and do not even realize?

In a culture hijacked by sugar, the average American consumes 85 grams a day! That’s 170 pounds a year! Continue reading

biscuit egg cheese bacon breakfast sandwhich 5 breakfast diners to try

Five Breakfast Diners to Try in Dallas

Five Breakfast Diners to Try in Dallas

One of my guilty pleasures is enjoying a traditional American breakfast. A large breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon and hash browns to be exact. While I love Dallas’ brunch scene, sometimes all you want is a casual, no-fuss atmosphere to enjoy your delicious meal. Here are five breakfast diners to try in Dallas. Continue reading

The 230 restaurants in Addison Texas: How to Try Them All

The 230 Restaurant in Addison: How to Try Them All

Addison, Texas, in North Dallas, is a tiny town of 15,800. The 230 restaurants in Addison average one for every 70 residents.  This high density brings visitors looking for a central location with many dining options. 

100,000+ workers commute to Addison each day. Most dine in the 230 restaurants in Addison. In addition, tens of thousands from the Dallas-Fort Worth area for whom Addison is a favorite dining stop. As a result, Addison’s restaurants thrive year after year. Continue reading

Speak and Listen for Lasting Love Relationships

Speak and Listen For Lasting Love Relationships

In a world where finding your life partner can be as easy as swiping left or right, lasting relationships elude many. Conflict is normal in relationships, but using an effective conflict resolution approach like the Speak and Listen for Lasting Love Relationships approach is essential for making relationships last. A couple’s incompatible value systems, life stresses, and one partner’s dietary needs for the week can cause the simple question “what’s for dinner?” to erupt into major warfare. Continue reading

hurricane Fran off the coast of the Bahamas during a non EL Nino year.

An El Niño Hurricane Slayer

Here we go again.  Here comes hurricane season.  That time of year when people start looking forward to summer vacations and others start watching the waters around the United States.   This week is the start of hurricane season in the United States and the beginning of insurance companies beginning to pray for peace and quiet. Continue reading

Outrigger Canoeing in Grapevine – Grab a Paddle and Join the Fun!

You probably already know about all the SUP and boat activities in the DFW area – but  Hoewa’a Dallas Outrigger Canoe Club is taking it to the waters of Lake Grapevine in the name of Hawaiian culture! The fun of Hawaiian outrigger canoeing can be seen and felt as soon as you approach the dock. For the past 10 years this North Texas sports club has paddled, raced, and had a blast doing it all over Texas! Continue reading

Driving down to Alamo City

What’s the first thing you associate with these famous words “REMEMBER THE ALAMO” ?

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These free weekend activities in Dallas-Fort Worth are a must do. Check them out!

free weekend activities in Dallas-Fort Worth

Looking for unique free weekend activities in Dallas-Fort Worth? Well, here’s a list you want to check out.

You have tried plenty of bars and all kinds of martinis and margaritas.  You are a little bored. Additionally, you don’t want to break the bank this weekend and you are running out of options for exclusive enjoyable moments. To make matters worse, you are on a budget. Is there any fun and free weekend activities in Dallas-Fort Worth to enjoy? Continue reading

YEA World Google for Education

YEA World Google for Education features and benefits                              

YEA World Google for Education utilizes Classroom as the free suite of productivity tools that includes email, documents, and storage. Classroom was designed collaboratively with teachers to help them save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students.

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Gender Equality in Advertising Results in Improved Reputation and Higher Call-to-Action Scores for Advertisers

Gender equality in advertising is the new “must do” for all marketers who need to impact brand reputation.  In fact, an increase of +10% in Reputation and +26%  in Call-to-Action scores are possible through gender equality. Both directly impact sales.

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YEA World AfterSchool Google Expeditions

The YEA World AfterSchool Google Expeditions is a virtual-reality teaching tool. Take Field Trips to virtually anywhere from Machu Picchu to Antarctica to the International Space Station.  Explore career options by viewing the life in a day of fireman to microbiologist to astronauts.  The experiences from the YEA World Google AfterSchool Google Expeditions will be mapped through all of the components of the YEA World Expeditions Pilot. 

Google Expeditions by Category


YEA World AfterSchool Google Expeditions will use the Goldie Hawn Foundation Mindup Program will be used for Mindfulness Training. When Goldie Hawn was a little girl, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She replied

“I want to be happy”. Her interest in happiness never dwindled.  As an adult her dream was to bring happiness to children.  She brought together a team of neuroscientists, doctors, educators, and positive psychologists to study happiness.   They created a curriculum and foundation called Mind Up . They use practices that are evidence based and backed by neurological research. The Mind Up curriculum teaches children how to quiet their mind, relax, reduce stress, develop pro-social behaviors, and learn about the brain to better understand human behavior. Optimistic classrooms that have a sense of hopefulness and joy are becoming an actuality because of her vision.

#1.  Why Social and Emotional Learning Is Essential for Students – READ IT

#2.  How to Implement Social and Emotional Learning at Your School – READ IT

#3.  Tips and Resources for Funding an SEL Program – READ IT

#4.  Tools to Assess Social and Emotional Learning in Schools – READ IT

#5.  Building SEL Skills Through Formative Assessment – READ IT

#6.  The Long-Term Economic Benefits of Social and Emotional Learning – READ IT

Mind Mapping

YEA World AfterSchool Google Expeditions will use the Mind Mapping for KIDS program.

Discover and Live Your Bliss

YEA World AfterSchool Google Expeditions will use the Joseph Campbell advise for young people struggling to find their way “Follow Your Bliss)


 Joseph Campbell stayed at the George Lucas Sky Ranch during the filming of Star Wars movie.  It is purported that Campbell may have been of “Use the Force, Luke.  Use the Force.”   The PBS series The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers was filmed at Sky Ranch

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#GirlCrush Short Hair Looks

We’re our own worst critic. I’m too fat, my nose is too big to wear short hair. What if you found the right #GirlCrush short hair look for your face shape? Did that get your attention?

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Gems in Texas: Keeping Austin Weird

Vacation, one word many of us find ourselves always daydreaming about. But What happens when you’re on a budget or have just limited days to enjoy a get-a-way? Continue reading

Say Aloha to Hula in North Texas

Hula In North Texas? The moves, chants and aloha found at North Texas hula school Ka Pa Hula O Manulani will make you feel Hawaiian at heart and have you saying aloha to hula in North Texas!

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Sister Cities International

Bonjour – Howdy: Why The Sister City Relationship Does Matter

In a global and digital world, a sister city relationship also known as “twinning” may seem outdated. Guess what, it does matters because it puts cultural understanding and mutual respect at the center. Despite their differences, the people of the world come together into “One Community.” This is the advent of the “Citizen Diplomacy.”

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3 Beach Hair Ideas for Short Hair

The countdown to Summer ’17 is here! It’s time for bathing suits, sunscreen and beautiful weather. How will you transform your short hair into the perfect beach hair? It’s really simple, with beach hair ideas inspired by these top 3 on trend beach hair looks.

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vintage typewriters for sale

Preston Hollow Open House And Estate Sale

This Preston Hollow Open House is a rare gem filled with treasures!

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drunk and depressed man holding liquor bottle

Alcohol-Free Activities in DFW

Drinking is overrated. But what alcohol-free activities in DFW is there to enjoy?

You have stopped drinking. Now what? What alcohol-free activities in DFW is there to enjoy? How do you stay off the alcohol binge?  How will you spend your weekend, not to mention Sunday brunch?  The good news is there is a lot of fun things to do that can benefit you (no pun intended) and not actually affect you. Continue reading

Vougeot, France, August 03, 2013. Famous Clos de Vougeot vineyard in Burgundy. Clos de Vo

Dallas-Dijon Twinning 60th Anniversary: you are invited!

Did you know about Dallas French twin sister? This sister city relationship looks like a well-kept family secret. Taking a closer look at the Dijon-Dallas twinning, you find a great match for two major cities and an anniversary this fall.

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advertising creative drives sales when creative is good

Hard Proof: Advertising Creative Drives Sales

advertising creative drives sales when creative is good

Does advertising creative drive sales?  Indeed it does, according to two recent studies that have electrified the industry. The findings are significant:

  • Highly creative ads show double the sales impact of those that are less creative.
  • Advertising creative drives sales 5x as much as media spend.

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Stressed Working Parents

Why Working Parents Should Just Say “No”

Have you ever said “yes” to something, and then instantly regretted it? It may seem innocent enough, but all those small yeses add up. Continue reading

YEA World AfterSchool Pilot


YEA World AfterSchool Pilot tests the latest technologies 

Typically, AfterSchool programs are equipped with “hand me down” computers from organizations updating their own computer infrastructure. This does give access to the internet and hands on use of a computer. However, this approach does not give students access to the latest technologies and  further reinforces the image of being a second class citizen.  The YEA World AfterSchool Pilot brings the latest in technology.  Much of which is not yet available in the schools or society at large.  The objective is to instill a sense of personal pride and develop the belief that “I Can Go Anywhere I Want to Go and I can do Anything I Want to Do.  My Vehicle is Education”

H.I.S. BridgeBuilders has been selected as the initial YEA World AfterSchool Pilot.

Key Technologies and Products 


Google Expeditions is a virtual-reality teaching tool. Take Field Trips to virtually anywhere from Machu Picchu to Antarctica to the International Space Station.  Explore career options by viewing the life in a day of fireman to microbiologist to astronauts.  Google Expeditions brings excitement and engagement to students in the YEA World AfterSchool Pilot.  



Google classroom is the control center assignments are created, distributed, feedback is sent and the teacher can see everything instantly, paperless and almost effortlessly.  The Google Classroom provides the key integration feature of the YEA World AfterSchool Pilot. 


Google Chromebooks have revolutionized education not only in the US but world wide.  In the US, 58% of classroom computers are Chromebooks.  Consistent with  he philosophy of YEA World AfterSchool Pilot Chromebooks with the latest technology have been selected.  The ACER Chromebook R11 features a touch screen and convertible from a laptop to a tablet. The ability to install Android Apps directly to the Chromebooks opens a whole new world to the Chromebook.



Snapchat has become the preferred social media application for the under 30 age group.  The ability to install the Snapchat App with the Android Apps directly to the Chromebook allows this to become the standard Social Media choice for YEA AfterSchool Pilot without the requirement for an expensive Smartphone.


Snapchat Spectacles allow the wearer to do a 10 second video and send to Snap Friends.


360 Degree VR Camera with Dual Spherical Lens

Dual Spherical Lens provide 360 degree view for both horizontal and vertical visual angle. Video recording (960P @30fps) up to 2 hours, video format of .MOV & converted video format is .mp4). Image (3008*1504/JPG)

Check the live view on the smartphone or choose VR Mode for more fun. Free Apps (SYVR360) available on [Google play] or [App store]; 

Built-in Wi-Fi allows wirelessly transfer files between smartphone and camera



This section will be fleshed out as experience is gained in the Google Expeditions portion of the YEA World Pilot. Will include the Joseph Campbell Foundation Follow Your Bliss

You're Going to be a Grandfather


You learned that you were going to become a grandfather. Initially, you feel like you’re growing old and that the best days of your life are over. However; you will eventually discover that the future holds more joy than you have ever imagined. Continue reading

Weather Needs Respect Around Dallas

The Journey Begins

The weather needs respect around Dallas, when on August 2, 1985, Delta Flight 191 crashes on final approach because of wind shear from a severe thunderstorm.  The media covered the story for days and a 12-year-old just moving to Dallas had his life changed forever.  Continue reading

Awesome Social Media Customer Service Team

How to Build an Awesome Social Media Customer Service Program: Part 2 Talent and the Team

An awesome social media customer service team makes customers feel valued, heard and understood. They do this while engaging to answer questions, resolve issues and build relationships. Make the strategy you developed following the steps in, How to Build an Awesome Social Media Customer Service Program: Part 1 Philosophy and Approach, work by recruiting and onboarding a team that executes well.

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Highest Tides in the World


Tide coming in at Noel Shore, Route 215

Tide coming in at Noel Shore, Route 215



Experience the highest tides in the world on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. About 100 billion tons of water move in and out of the bay twice a day.

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