Awesome Social Media Customer Service Team

How to Build an Awesome Social Media Customer Service Program: Part 2 Talent and the Team

An awesome social media customer service team makes customers feel valued, heard and understood. They do this while engaging to answer questions, resolve issues and build relationships. Make the strategy you developed following the steps in, How to Build an Awesome Social Media Customer Service Program: Part 1 Philosophy and Approach, work by recruiting and onboarding a team that executes well.

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Class #7 3/6/17 Presentation

Here are the lecture decks for the final class in the advanced social media course.

7.0 CAPE Quick Planning

7.1-Digital-Live Blogging

Highest Tides in the World


Tide coming in at Noel Shore, Route 215

Tide coming in at Noel Shore, Route 215



Experience the highest tides in the world on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. About 100 billion tons of water move in and out of the bay twice a day.

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Microchips Save Pets Lives!

microchip saves animals lives

A lucky Lady. Microchip information located her rescue after being scanned by the shelter.

Every day thousands of pets wander away or get lost from home. They dig out, get loose from their leash, or escape out a door. No matter how pets end up on the streets, a microchipped pet can find their way home much faster than an unchipped pet. Microchips help save pets lives by finding their owners quickly.
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Security Tips for Business Social Media

Consider these Security Tips for Business Social Media to prevent unauthorized access to information.

Institute a policy.
Social media policies must be in place to regulate employee access and establish guidelines for appropriate behavior. Policies must specifically state what can and cannot be said, referring to slang, abusive language, etc. Employers should train their employees on proper use, as well. At this point, many of the mistakes have already been made; a quick search for “social media policy” will return lots of great ideas.Security Tips for Business Social Media

Consider a no-employment disclosure.
Request employees leave their employment status blank when setting up a social site profile. Employees represent their employer 24/7/365, so what an employee says on or off the job and online directly reflects on his or her employer and, as stated in my credit union story, can be used against the organization.

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Overcome Your Fitness Plateau: Tips and Advice

Image of a desert plateau

Don’t get stuck here!

You’ve been hitting the gym quite regularly lately and you’re seeing some positive results.  But for some reason, your results are slowing and the gains are fewer.  This is the dreaded fitness plateau.  This is one of the most frustrating and de-motivating phenomena that you can encounter in your fitness program.  You can overcome your fitness plateau by changing some things in your routine.  The following are some tips and advice to help you get off the plateau. Continue reading

Positive and Negative Aspects to Apartment Living

Apartment LivingThere are many positive and negative aspects to apartment living. Today there are more prospects looking to rent an apartment versus own a home than ever before. Apartment communities are filled with a variety of residents from young professionals to established business people with families. Continue reading

Moving Forward After Layoff

Stormoving forward after layoff-exit street signe closings and staff reductions are all over the news this month. JCPenney announced it is closing 140 stores and offering early retirement to 6,000 employees. Macy’s is closing 68 stores in 2017 and eliminating 10,000 total positions. If you’ve been affected by a layoff, you’re not alone. Whether you saw it coming or were completely shocked, time to take stock and prepare for what lies ahead. Here are 4 actions you can take when moving forward after layoff. Continue reading

Card Not Present Fraud

Card Not Present Fraud is a type of credit card scam in which the customer does not physically present the card to the merchant during the fraudulent transaction. Card not present fraud can occur with transactions that are conducted online or over the phone. It is harder to prevent than card present fraud because the merchant cannot personally examine the credit card for signs of possible fraud. Signs including a missing hologram, altered account number or non-matching signature are not present. In addition, alternative identification is not readily available.Card Not Present Fraud

BREAKING DOWN Card Not Present Fraud

Credit card payment processors take a number of steps to minimize card-not-present fraud. These include verifying that the address provided by the customer at the time of purchase matches the billing address on file with the credit card company, checking the validity of three-digit CVV security codes and prohibiting merchants from storing these codes. However, if the criminal has stolen these details, the fraudulent transaction may appear legitimate.
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Exciting Theater Performances in DFW


Go see a play at Undermain Theatre in Deep Ellum

Galileo at Undermain Theatre, Dallas

Do you want to experience exciting theater performances? World class theater is happening in Texas.  In fact, DFW counts among the most creative areas for American theater.

And that means you have opportunities to experience remarkable performances and to meet with directors, actors, playwrights and many other interesting people who produce and enjoy exciting theater.

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Elements of a Good Press Conference: Beyond the Basics

Star elements of a good press conferenceWhat are the elements of a good press conference? Beyond basic planning and logistics, a good press conference captures a certain essence appropriate to the announcement. It reinforces your brand and connects to your audience. While the nature of a press conference can vary widely, here’s a few insights to consider. Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Online Dating When Looking For Love

Pros to Online Dating

There are both pros and cons to online dating when looking for love. Meeting people online in hopes of making a romantic connection can be very convenient, especially for people who lead busy lives. Online dating gives hopeful romantics the opportunity to meet potential matches from the comfort of their own home. For many people who have little free time traditional dating can seem almost impossible. Online dating gives hopeful’s the assurance that whomever they are communicating with is looking for the same things they are. Continue reading

How to Survive Your First Post College Roommate

How to Survive Your First Post College Roommate

Typical post college roommate attitude

Learn three tips below on how to survive your first post college roommate. Living with a roommate post college may seem like a good idea to save money, but maybe there is a reason more and more people eventually decide to live alone. If you find yourself in a financial bind and have a roommate, find how to survive your first post college roommate.

Accepting the hard facts

Bills, responsibilities and pressure, oh my! College was a beautiful four years. But post college no one will hesitate to remind you that that was then and this is now. It’s time to get to work and show people what you spent four years of your parent’s money learning in college. Your parents will put pressure on you to perform professionally and to primarily support yourself in the meantime. It is tough at first, but it is a necessary adjustment in becoming an adult.

One of the hardest adjustments post college is living with someone to save money. You are working an entry-level position and on your way of establishing yourself as an adult. However because of financial responsibilities, you find yourself living with someone whose maturity level is still in college.

It’s not you, it’s me

People like to pretend that they are mature. Life is happening, things are changing at a rapid rate throughout your twenties. If you live with an immature roommate, you will soon know because they have to comment on everyone’s life updates on social media the moment you get home from work. In this situation, respond to your roommate and retreat to your room. In time, your roommate should take a hint that this is not the type of stuff you want to talk about post college.

Hands off

Sharing is not caring. Post college roommates like to treat the fridge like the sorority house kitchen. Rule of thumb, if it is not yours do not touch it. If you find your post college roommate can’t take a hint, start labeling your food. That will get their attention.


There’s nothing worse than living with a slob. If you live with a post college roommate who refuses to do the dishes, vacuum or take their laundry out of the dryer, then it is up to you to lead by example. Don’t pick up after yourself for a week and see if it bothers them, hopefully they get the picture.

Starting A Fitness Program: Avoid Injury and Get Results

Scrawny man in gym clothes posing cross-armed in front of a chalkboard with big arms drawn on it.

Start Slow, Think Big

Starting a fitness program? Great! You are on your way to a healthier more enjoyable life. That said, the next step is to hit the gym and get some big results, right? Slow down. Jumping headlong into a fitness program can leave you physically exhausted and injured. Before you head out there and tear it up, consider the following. Continue reading

Embracing the Four Agreements-Find Your Best Self

The Four Agreements-Embracing your best selfIt’s easy in our fast paced lives to neglect our spirits. Maybe you’re pleasing many others and not taking time to feed your soul. In the best selling book, The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz gives four rules that can help create balance and happiness. Consider this your roadmap to increase the satisfaction in your life. Small changes over time will add up to really big improvements in your outlook and relationships. The Four agreements below can help you re-write the script of your life. Continue reading

Overcome Writer’s Block With a New Perspective

Get happy again and overcome writer's blockThe air possesses the hint of writer’s block as the cursor sits silently on a blank, white screen. A few minutes pass, the cursor is sleeping and the screen begins a conversation with the keyboard. Continue reading

Social Media-Saving Garland Shelter Animals Lives

Garland Mesquite Rowlett Animal Shelter Page



Recently city animal shelters have engaged social media to save their shelter’s animals lives. While small suburban and county shelters, with little foot traffic, rely on volunteers for their social media outreach.  At the Garland Animal Shelter, volunteers have stepped up to do just that.  Continue reading

Hilarious Gym Weirdos: A Guide to Sideshow Entertainment

If you have been to the gym in recent months you have noticed the massive influx of new members.  With this influx comes a golden opportunity for personal entertainment.   It is absolutely amazing how many hilarious gym weirdos there are.  This article showcases some of the best sideshows the gym has to offer.  Enjoy, and be on the lookout!  You could be missing out. Continue reading

LS Crate Motor

When the LS Crate Motor was introduced in 1997, an evolution in crate motors occurred. Just like that, there was a factory engine that was affordable, durable, lightweight and capable of producing the horsepower people were looking for. This earliest version was called the Gen III Small-Block. Truck engines had an iron-block. The all-aluminum LS1 engine debuted in the then-new C5 Corvette.

LS Crate Motor

LS376/515 – The Heart of a Corvette!

The Gen IV’s arrived in 2005. Although GM continued to distinguish between Gen III and Gen IV, fans of these engines were quick to call all engines built on the platform “LS.”

The range of LS crate motors continues to be wide. Truck engines, called Vortec rather than LS, include iron-block engines offered as 4.8L and 5.3L models, and all-aluminum 6.0L and 6.2L premium engines. Car engines, usually with the “LS” designation, include 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L, 6.2L and 7.0L displacements. Regardless, all LS crate motors exhibit shared traits, including:

• 4.400” bore centers
• 6-bolt, cross-bolted main bearing caps
• Center main thrust bearing
• 9.240” deck height
• 4-bolt-per-cylinder head bolt pattern
• 0.842” lifter bores
• Distributorless, coil-near-plug ignition system Continue reading

Museum is a living history of 1890’s Texarkana

STexarkana's Old Town Museum-image of early residentstarting May 12th at Texarkana’s Old Town Museum, find out what life is like in the “Gateway City of Texas”. It’s 1890’s  Texarkana and business is booming!  At the center of new railway lines and westward expansion, this town is growing rapidly.  By 1896,  14,000 citizens are living in Texarkana.  Its even got all the modern conveniences-a waterworks, electric lighting, sewers and an ice factory. Five miles of street car lines get everyone around town quickly. Here are 3 of the recreated storefronts that you’ll see when visiting Texarkana’s Old Town Museum. Continue reading

Successful Career Change Tips and Best Practices

Tips for a Successful Career Change

In order to make a successful career change there are several things you should be filled in on. First and foremost, accepting that it takes time and patience to adapt into a new profession is key. No matter what career you choose, whether you have years of experience or none at all, being the new kid on the block can be challenging. Having realistic expectations and not being overly critical of yourself is extremely important.  Continue reading

Texarkana’s Old Town Museum Celebrates a Texas Treasure

Are you ready to experience life on the 1890’s Texas frontier?   At Texarkana’s Old Town Museum, you’ll get a glimpse of the railroad town once called the “Gate City of Texas”.   When you stroll through the shops you’ll imagine the sights and sounds of daily life on Broad Street.  Guides are also available to help you learn how the early residents of this Texas town worked and lived.  Opening to the public on May 12th, come explore this new Texas treasure. Continue reading

Celebrity Influence on Social Media in Today’s World

Celebrity influence on social media in today’s world is greater than ever before. Accepting a certain level of responsibility for the impact they have on fans has always been a standard part of owning their role in the spotlight. However in the modern world of technology and social media celebrities face a new degree of responsibility than ever before. Continue reading

Re-Rack Your Weights

There are plenty of good reasons to re-rack your weights at the gym. It makes finding the equipment easier, keeps the floor free of clutter and helps prevent injury. Remember, not everyone is capable of lifting the amount of weight you can, and you could be preventing others from using equipment as well. Continue reading

Harness the Power of a College Internship Program

Start a College Internship ProgramMore than just free help, a college internship program can boost the overall productivity of your office. Just remember free isn’t really free. A successful college internship program takes advance planning and time to manage. Still interested in beginning an internship program? Here’s some helpful advice to get you started.
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Boutique Breeder Puppies sold at The Shops of Willow Bend Mall

rescued teacup puppy

Pixie is a teacup chihuahua, rescued from a local animal shelter.


While rescued shelter pets seem to the top choice when adding a furry family member, not so for the Plano, Texas, shopping center. The Shops of Willow Bend has a boutique tenant offering both teacup breeder puppies and tiny clothes to dress them up in. Continue reading

89% of Shoppers Stopped Buying From Online Stores After Bad Customer Service

6 Tips to Improve Social Customer Experience

Social customer experience needs to get better. The ease of comparing products, finding the best price, and making purchases online without having to go to a store or even a computer has elevated customer experience design to an art. The landscape has changed and customer expectations are rising.

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How to Prepare for Your Next Moving Day

Moving day for young coupleIs your next moving day coming soon? Take some of the stress out of moving by having a good plan of action. First, secure any resources you might need like moving supplies and helping hands. Then, break your move down into chronological action steps and work your plan. Continue reading

Animal Shelter Rescue – Heartworm Disease Prevention & Education Saves Lives

Rescued dog with Heartworm disease currently undergoing treatment

Paulo was recently adopted and is currently being treated for heartworms.

Just one mosquito. Yes, just one little nasty critter can bite and infect your best furry friend with heartworms and cause heartworm disease. Easily preventable, heartworms can kill, cause heart and lung damage in a very short time without maintaining your pet on monthly heartworm prevention. Continue reading

Cell Phone Use at the Gym

It is important to know the rules and etiquette for cell phone use at the gym. This basic knowledge will help you avoid embarrassment and potential loss of membership privileges.  Read on to see if you are at risk!

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