Citeaux Abbey

Dallas-Dijon Twinning: The Cîteaux Abbey has a Texan sister, Meet The Cistercian Lady of Dallas

Cîteaux Abbey, in French “Abbaye de Cîteaux,” is a Roman Catholic abbey located south of Dijon, in the heart of Burgundy. Cîteaux Abbey established its fame as the mother house of Cistercian Order. What you may not know if that Cîteaux has a Cistercian sister in Texas. Her name is The Cistercian Lady of Dallas. Interestingly enough, it is the only abbey of the Cistercian Order in the United States.

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A Voyaging Canoe With a Mission: Around the Earth and Back Again

Leaving the world a better place. It’s a value shared by people of every culture. A Polynesian voyaging canoe stands at the forefront of this value. And after four years of taking its message around the world, the Hokule’a is back home.

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Hair Tips for Exercise Hair

Best Hair Tips for Exercise Hair

More than 40% of African American women skip exercising because of hair concerns. This is an alarming number of women that put hair over health.  Heart disease, high blood pressure are some of the leading causes of death among women of color, yet  exercising on a consistent basis isn’t a priority.  Ready for summer or looking for a healthier lifestyle, there are three hair tips for exercise hair  to put to the test.
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Addison Places Public Art in Harmony with its Community

Addison Places Public Art in Harmony with Its Community

What tiny town in North Texas employs an all-volunteer staff to place and promote Public Art? The envy of many cities, Addison places public art in harmony with its community. Addison Texas is a rare find among small towns. One of the many things that set the town apart is the placement of public art throughout the town. In addition, Addison places the artwork, primarily sculpture, in a way that is strategic, selective and impactful.

In the early 1990’s the Town of Addison selected “Blueprints at Addison Circle” from contest entrants. The State of Texas had extended the Dallas Tollway North past Addison, to Frisco. As a result, Addison Town leaders built a multi-use ‘downtown’. This to differentiate Addison and draw business to Addison retailers, restaurants and services. The plan called for an ‘exclamation mark’ on at Addison Circle, the center of the new development. 23 artists from around the world submitted proposals. The winner, “Blueprints at Addison Circle” consists of a vessel with a branching pattern of a grove of oak trees, that encompasses and cantilever out over the circle. Then the designers took actual blueprints from Addison’s municipal buildings, parks, bridges, and water pumping facilities to create an experiential piece of public art that reflects the community.

Addison Places Public Art in Harmony with its Community

Another example where Addison places public art in harmony with its community is a highly visible piece at the corner of Arapaho and Addison Roads. It is an ode to the original Addison Cotton Gin. Installed in 2015, “A Profound Secret” uses steel and pieces from the original cotton gin facility. The cotton gin manufacturer built it in 1902, about 150 yards south of the sculpture’s installation. The title of the art piece comes from a passage in a letter to his father, written by Eli Whitney. Until Whitney secured a patent for his cotton gin design he had asked his father to keep “a profound secret”.

A third example is the impressive “Light and Energy” piece created by Colorado artist Chris Byars. It consists of three iconic pieces in primary colors. Also, each piece is 24 feet high and weighs 1750 pounds. Workers originally installed the piece at an Addison office building. Building management then de-commissioned the piece. The Town of Addison stored it for many years. 

Addison Places Public Art in Harmony with its Community

They then restored it in 2013 and placed it strategically with landscaping and lighting. Since the sculpture is next to Les Lacs Linear Park, the lines of the sculpture are consistent and impactful.

The Arbor Foundation of Addison Places Public Art in Harmony with Its Community

None of these impressive pieces would exist if not for the Addison Arbor Foundation (AAF). The AAF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It promotes and enhances natural environments within the Town of Addison through landscaping, public art, and education. Finally, you must take the Addison Public Art self-tour and discover the strength, beauty, and harmony of the public art in Addison, Texas.

Active Aging Mode

Active Aging Modes utilizes the FIIT Principles for Active Agers.  These Modes include:

        F=Frequency    I:=Intensity       T=Time        T=Type

Active Aging Mode Cardiovascular Training

Health and Disease Prevention Recommendations


F: 3-5 days per week of continuous training (5 days for moderate intensity; 3 days for vigorous intensity); or 3-5 days of a combination of moderate to vigorous intensity)

I: Based on RPE 0-10: 5-6 for moderate; 7-8 for vigorous;

T: 20-60 minutes: 30 min up to 60 min for moderate activity; 20-30 min for vigorous; or start with 10-minute bouts resulting in 2 1/2-5 hours/week

T: Non-, low-, and light-impact

Cardiovascular Training Guidelines Active Aging Exercisers should work at a comfortably, challenging intensity for as long as they prudently can perform the activity. Their initial cardiovascular bouts may be as short as ten consecutive minutes. Aim for a minimum of two accumulative hours per week. Sometimes, vary the cardiovascular before and after the strength sections when training with designated sections.

Active Aging Mode Strength & Endurance Guidelines

Muscular strength is defined as the ability of a muscle group to develop maximal contractile force against a resistance in a single contraction. Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle group to exert submaximal force for extended periods.

For many repeated Activities of Daily Living (gait and arm movements ), training for muscular endurance proves important.

For times less-repeated Activities of Daily Living ( getting up and down from a chair or toilet) , training for muscular strength proves important

F: 2-3 days per week (preferably every day)

I: To a level that challenges one’s balance without continued loss of form and alignment

T: 5-10 minutes or time to complete 1-3 sets of 8-10 balance exercises

T: Static and Active/Rhythmic Dynamic mov


 Active Aging Mode Strength & Endurance Training Guidelines

Muscular strength is defined as the ability of a muscle group to develop maximal contractile force against a resistance in a single contraction. Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle group to exert submaximal force for extended periods.

For many repeated Activities of Daily Living (gait and arm movements ), training for muscular endurance proves important.

For times less-repeated Activities of Daily Living ( getting up and down from a chair or toilet) , training for muscular strength proves important

Active Aging Mode Balance Training (Neuromuscular Activities)F: 2-3 days per week (preferably every day)

I: To a level that challenges one’s balance without continued loss of form and alignment

T: 5-10 minutes or time to complete 1-3 sets of 8-10 balance exercises

T: Static and Active/Rhythmic/Dynamic movements


Active Aging Strength Training

F: 2-3 days per week

I: To the point of mild fatigue typically in 10-15 reps

T: 20-45 minutes or time to complete 1-3 sets of one exercise for each major muscle group with bodyweight and equipment variety

T: Progressive static and dynamic forms of resistance training; many arthritic individuals will prefer an active/rhythmic approach; hypertensives should limit their isometric positions

Active Aging Mode Flexibility Training

F: Minimum of 2-3 days per week (preferably every day)

I: Edge of discomfort, holding each static stretch for 10-60 seconds

T: 10-20 minutes or time to complete 1-3 sets of one stretch for each major muscle group

T: Static and dynamic (slow movement) forms of stretching; many arthritic individuals will prefer an active/rhythmic

approach; Persons with high blood pressure should limit their isometric positions



Benefits of a Sober Life

benefits of a sober life

Do benefits of a sober life exist? Yes! The list is endless.

Have you ever felt anxious before getting a drink or after drinking? Unfortunately, alcohol anxiety is very common and we all know about nasty hang overs.  So since we all know the consequences of drinking alcohol, here are just seven benefits of a sober life. Continue reading

Hidden Texas Gems: Galveston “Island Time” Edition

What do you get when you mix laid-back beach culture and southern hospitality?

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Dogs family love happiness

Dogs in a family gush with love spreading happiness to everyone in the house

Dogs in a family gush with love,  spreading happiness in the home by exuding  unconditional love toward all the family members.  The family golden retriever welcomes father home after a hard day’s work with a wink of her eye. Kids come home from school and are greeted by the family canine who gallops to the door with tail wagging and tongue hanging; ready to give the child a wet dog.

Dogs family love happiness

The family Chihuahua

Mom comes home from work or shopping to prepare a meal and the family Chihuahua silently waits on the kitchen floor for a chance  to catch the crumbs mom drops. Brooms and dust pans are obsolete with the Mexican breed dog lurking in the abyss.

Sound like a perfect family? It isn’t, but the tribe is much happier because of the family dog that is  in their lives. The animal is gushing unconditional love that comforts everyone. This fury friend is like a cheer leader, lifting peoples spirits regardless of their day’s circumstances.

Dogs that infuse the most love and happiness into the family are golden retrievers.

Any family that has had a dog that is a golden retriever knows about the love and happiness they bring. It’s hard to find a more majestic animal that loves people more than a golden retriever. When you walk the golden on a leash people stop in their tracks and want to pet them. A male college student ends up being the  most popular with his classmates of the opposite or same-sex  just by using the four-legged friend as bait.

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How Companies Can Reach Generation X

A generation born into the realm of high-degree celebrity scandals and immediate access to information is uninterested in today’s digital marketing tactics. Witty headlines no longer bait the younger crowd, referred to as Generation X. A provocative image no longer turns heads. The competition for companies to reach Generation X remains fierce. How do we tap into these minds?

The Key to Reach Generation X

Before we target them, we need to realize their social world. People of all ages have the top platforms, but that doesn’t mean GenX instinctively uses each one. This generation enjoys real-time, quick content apps such as Snapchat and They would rather express themselves simply through image and caption on Instagram than create the diary status update on Facebook like a Millennial.

reach generation xIf companies respect the status of a Snapchat or celebrity, they walk down the road of a beautiful friendship. Companies can perform successful product placement marketing within influencers’ content as long as they do not disrupt the authenticity of the influencer onscreen. As soon as it feels like an advertisement, viewers will tap to the next snap.

Another strategy for companies is to invite an influencer to take over their social accounts. If the influencer reigns Snapchat, it is best for them to remain on Snapchat; however, this does not mean a company should create a social account for a campaign. If it doesn’t fit the brand or there aren’t the resources to tend to a new platform, a company will be setting themselves up for failure.

CALLING ALL SNAPCHATTERS — What do you wish companies knew about Snapchat? Sound off in the comments!

reach generation x


magnolias sous le pont coffee shop counter

Try One of These 10 Local Coffee Shops in Dallas

10 Local Coffee Shops in Dallas to Try

After a Saturday morning workout, one of my favorite things to do is stop by a local coffee shop and savor a cold brew or almond milk latte. Visiting my favorite local coffee shop in Dallas is a relaxing indulgence and a quiet place to get work done. Continue reading

Senior Cognitive Training

Senior Cognitive Training focuses on the Brain University  program provided by Masterpiece Living.  The initial Course in the Brain University Virtual Course consists of an 8-unit                     virtual course.  Neurobics+provides more in depth in an 11-unit program taught in the local community.

Fathers grasp families leadership

Fathers grasp families leadership

Fathers grasp  families leadership but they’re also saddled with a boat load  of responsibility. They march through  the battle field of life leading their troops while educating them on right from wrong. They construct a hedge of protection around their family. They provide for them. There are things fathers can do to triumph as head of the family.

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Increase your physical activity to the limit and you won’t want to drink again

increase your physical activity

Increase your physical activity and feel awesome.

Since you made the commitment to stay sober, what will you do with this new found time and money? An option is, consider picking up a new hobby that will increase your physical activity.

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Picture of Clos de Vougeot

Dallas-Dijon Twinning: Learn about the Fraternity of Knights of the Tastevin and the Ban Bourguignon

The creation of the Dallas Chapter of the Fraternity of Knights of the Tastevin marks another highlight of the Dallas-Dijon twinning. This Fall, Dallas celebrates the 60th anniversary of its Knights of Tastevin chapter. An anniversary to honor with a traditional must have Ban Bourguignon. Get ready to pour some Burgundy wines!

Addison Texas Is a Pet’s Paradise

On any given day in Addison Texas, hundreds of pets, mostly dogs, and their owners meander the sidewalks, parks and entertainment spaces. With 12 Dog Parks and a restaurant that serves pets from a Dog Menu, Addison Texas is a pet’s paradise. Addison equips each park with pet waste bags. Some have fountains designed to quench doggie thirst. Due to manicured green space at all parks, puppy toes stay safe and comfortable. In the evening dog friends, with their humans, meet in their favorite parks. They play, relax, or show off their doggie skills, or lack thereof.  Continue reading

Lava Rock and Pele’s Curse

Souvenirs are old as time. The desire to take home a small piece of paradise while visiting Hawaii is pretty common. No place on Earth is this truer than at Kilauea. However, a guest to Hawaii must remember that superstitions blow like a tropical breeze. One of the most well-known stories is about Lava Rock and Pele’s Curse.

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Road Tripping deep in the heart of Houston, TX Baby

What do the words Beyoncé and NASA have in common?

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What Is – A Guide for the Baby Boomers

With over 100 million users, most people over the age of 18 have no idea that this app exists. It returns to the music video craze from YouTube’s beginning years, but now through a smartphone in condensed form like all other social media fashions. Continue reading

Peaceful baby that doesn't need help sleeping.

Need help sleeping? Try these natural options.

You have a million things to do tomorrow, but you’re sitting in bed wide awake. Sound familiar? There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to catch some zzz’s. Continue reading

Good Vibes #SquadGoals Summer Hair Color

Good Vibes #SquadGoals Summer Hair Color


Are you ready for Summer ’17? Well the countdown starts today – – 10 days till summer. Good Vibes #SquadGoals Summer Hair Color is all about enjoying long days and lazy nights with friends and the best summer look possible.

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live a sober life by giving back to your community

How to live a sober life

What are some things that help live a sober life and kick off this new lifestyle?

You’ve already made the decision to stay away from the bar and you’ve tried one of these free weekend activities. The key to live a sober life is to occupy yourself with positive activities where you would have said yes to happy hour.

So, after you tried some free weekend activities, now what? How do you really enjoy and live a sober-life?  Continue reading

Selling Jets at Addison Texas Airport Can You Afford One? Addison Airport Plane Landing

Selling Jets at the Addison Texas Airport

Airplane brokers are selling jets at the Addison Texas Airport. Art imitates life as a reality show on this topic becomes more popular. Its popularity reveals the truth about Jet ownership. 
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vegetable crudite bowl healthy dining options in Dallas

Deliciously Healthy Restaurants in Dallas

The Dallas dining scene is full of indulgent destinations. I reserve the weekend for my cheat meals, and notice I said meals with an “s”, but occasionally I still crave a crisp salad. A couple of years ago the options for healthy food were very limited. As the Dallas area’s fitness landscape blossomed, so did the availability of healthy choices. While poke bowls are a tasty & healthy treat, it is great to have other healthy options available around Dallas. Here is a taste of a couple deliciously healthy restaurants in Dallas. Continue reading

Kir Drink from Dijon

The Man Behind The Kir Cocktail: Learn The Story And The Original Recipe

Fall 2017 marks the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the twinning between Dallas and Dijon, the French capital of Gastronomy and Wine. Dijon is famous for its mustard, gingerbread, escargots and fabulous wines. Well, another gem traveled directly from Dijon to Dallas and prided itself on having achieved global fame. Meet the Kir cocktail! Familiar or not with Kir, you may want to learn about the man behind the Kir cocktail, the story and the recipe that makes Kir original. If so, this blog is for you.

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Runner drinking from a water bottle

Keep Your Cool While Running in Texas this Summer

June got off to a rainy start in North Texas. But summer usually brings heat, humidity and lots of sweat. Staying hydrated requires more than a water bottle. You need a plan to keep your cool while running in Texas during the summer.

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Do Popular Users On Snapchat Make Money?

Advertisements and #sponsored posts dominate the platforms of YouTube and Instagram where influencers can post commercial-perfect content for revenue. So, why do so many public figures spend so much time on Snapchat when their content will disappear? Are these popular users on Snapchat make money? Continue reading

To Do List

Reduce stress at home by building your personal network

You spend a lot of time building your professional network. Why not invest in your personal one as well? Building relationships with people that you can trust, share ideas with and get inspiration from can go a long way to reduce stress at home. Continue reading

Boston Marathon runners cope with the heat

Texas Summer Running: Drink up! (But Not Too Much)

Texas summer running requires proper hydration. However, drinking too much water can cause serious consequences as well. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and planning, you can master the art of hydration.

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What It’s Like To Be A Twin!

As an identical twin, I can attest to the fact that most everyone wonders what it’s like to be a twin. It’s estimated that only 3% of the population is a twin. With such small odds, it’s no wonder most people are so intrigued. The questions we get are as identical as we are. How do I tell you apart? Is the “sixth sense” thing real? Which one is older? Did you secretly swap boyfriends in high school?  We have had a fun life, filled with unique experiences only twins can share. We relish the opportunity to tell the vested listener all about it.

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VR Travel Club


The VR Travel Club provides  travel opportunities to distant and exotic places.  Fosters a sense of community among fellow travelers.  Increases computer skills.  Enhances cognitive skills. Continue reading