3 Garden Art ideas

Today’s gardener wants to find great ways to add garden art to complete their work.  I know.  The garden looks great.  The Periwinkles are cute.  The clump of Boston Fern adds a soft touch to the corner.  The Japanese maple in the corner adds a swatch of burgundy.  But, we need that one last piece to put your stamp on it.  A yard flag with your name is proving to be the perfect touch. Here are 3 garden art ideas from happy gardeners.

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Customized yard flags are the perfect gift for a new house

Why aren’t there more customized yard flags in America? I’m always amazed when I drive through neighborhoods at the number of cheesy yard flags I see.  Does anyone really see those at the home improvement store and say, “Oh Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!” A giant butterfly yard flag? I don’t think so.  These big box retailers don’t get it.  My 12 year old daughter might think it’s cute, but I do not.

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