Hidden Texas Gems: Galveston “Island Time” Edition

What do you get when you mix laid-back beach culture and southern hospitality?

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oak cliff bartender dan

Oak Cliff bartender Dan: Barbara’s Pavillion profile

Barbara’s Pavillion patrons know Dan. For the last 10 years Oak Cliff bartender Dan has poured drinks and heard stories.

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Oak Cliff bar live music show

Barbara’s Pavillion in Oak Cliff proves dive bars can host music shows

The first Friday this June brought heavy rains through the evening in Dallas, but by 9:30 p.m., Oak Cliff’s dive bar, Barbara’s Pavillion put on a  live show with Ronnie Heart along with Adam & the Figurines. Continue reading

Road Tripping deep in the heart of Houston, TX Baby

What do the words Beyoncé and NASA have in common?

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Texas Tropical Treasures: South Padre Island Edition

Welcome to your own tropical island- South Padre

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Oak Cliff bar potluck reunion

Oak Cliff bar hosts 4th annual potluck reunion

Oak Cliff bar potluck reunionOak Cliff bar Barbara’s Pavillion will host the 4th annual potluck reunion on Sunday, June 25 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Double Dee Karaoke starts at 7 p.m. Come to eat, sing, drink, and visit with friends from the past and make new friends. Continue reading

biscuit egg cheese bacon breakfast sandwhich 5 breakfast diners to try

Five Breakfast Diners to Try in Dallas

Five Breakfast Diners to Try in Dallas

One of my guilty pleasures is enjoying a traditional American breakfast. A large breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon and hash browns to be exact. While I love Dallas’ brunch scene, sometimes all you want is a casual, no-fuss atmosphere to enjoy your delicious meal. Here are five breakfast diners to try in Dallas. Continue reading

The 230 restaurants in Addison Texas: How to Try Them All

The 230 Restaurant in Addison: How to Try Them All

Addison, Texas, in North Dallas, is a tiny town of 15,800. The 230 restaurants in Addison average one for every 70 residents.  This high density brings visitors looking for a central location with many dining options. 

100,000+ workers commute to Addison each day. Most dine in the 230 restaurants in Addison. In addition, tens of thousands from the Dallas-Fort Worth area for whom Addison is a favorite dining stop. As a result, Addison’s restaurants thrive year after year. Continue reading

These free weekend activities in Dallas-Fort Worth are a must do. Check them out!

free weekend activities in Dallas-Fort Worth

Looking for unique free weekend activities in Dallas-Fort Worth? Well, here’s a list you want to check out.

You have tried plenty of bars and all kinds of martinis and margaritas.  You are a little bored. Additionally, you don’t want to break the bank this weekend and you are running out of options for exclusive enjoyable moments. To make matters worse, you are on a budget. Is there any fun and free weekend activities in Dallas-Fort Worth to enjoy? Continue reading

Not just restaurant, Addison Texas entertainment is worthy.

Not Just Restaurants – Addison Texas Entertains

Addison Texas is the home of a wide range of entertainment spots. Known not just for its many restaurants, the Addison Texas entertainment scene is just as lively, varied, and distinct: Continue reading

yelp website Yelp Isn't Just for Wannabe Food Critics

Discover Why Yelp Isn’t Just for Wannabe Food Critics

Yelp Isn’t Just for Wannabe Food Critics

I was once sharing my affinity for Yelp and asked my friend if she uses the app. She said, “No, Yelp is for wannabe food critics.” I understood what she meant, but I use yelp in a much different way. Here are five reasons Yelp isn’t just for wannabe food critics.

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Oak Cliff bar to host live music on June 2

Oak Cliff bar live music by Ronnie Heart and Adam & FigurinesOak Cliff bar Barbara’s Pavillion to host a live music show on Friday, June 2 by Ronnie Heart and Adam & The Figurines. No cover. Show starts at 9 p.m. Continue reading

Hawaiian Poke Bowl with fresh fish and fruit

Where to Find Hawaiian Poke Bowls in Dallas

The Hawaiian poke craze has hit the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex in full force. This popular food trend combines fresh cubed fish with sushi rice to form a version of a sushi salad. Poke, pronounced POH-keh, is a healthy and delicious Hawaiian dish meaning “cut piece” or “small piece. Here is a guide on where to find Hawaiian poke bowls in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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Best Oak Cliff dive bar – Barbara’s Pavillion

Bishop Arts District. Karaoke. Local craft beer. These are a few of Dallas’ favorite things, and the Oak Cliff dive bar Barbara’s Pavillion brings them all to you in less than 1,000 square feet, every day starting at 4 p.m. Continue reading