Customer Success

Be there! Be attentive!Customer Success is the goal of the business in the current generation. Earlier in the years, it was Customer Service which mattered the most to the companies. Post selling a product/service, providing them with service was vital. In the current market trend, with such fierce competition. It’s not just Service but being responsible for Customer Success is very important.

Any business, whether a product or a service has to go above and beyond to ensure the customer relationship is being helpful to their customer success. The three vital aspects of the Customer Success journey are, Setting the right expectations, Being responsive and Post-sale follow-up.

Setting Expectations :

Discovering and establishing the needs of the customer is the first step for any sale. Understanding the customers need and customizing the product or service according to them is Vital. Knowing the customer’s budget allocation, and their current pain points. Ensuring they minimize them with your service, will keep your customer in good relation with the brand based on his experience. This requires educating the customer with right information and matching his needs. It is solution selling. If this phase of the sales process is not executed well, then the solution will end up being a problem for the customer.

Being Responsive:

Understanding the business requirements and catering to their needs is a large cycle of the process. It is certain that there will be gaps and missed aspects along the way, on a service or product standpoint. The customer will understand this as being inevitable. However being there, and being attentive to the customer’s issues and working with them to fix them is what can gain customer’s trust and be responsible for Customer Success. A customer will always appreciate good responsiveness. Customer Service might not be open all days of the week. If you want to be responsible for Customer success. The team will be available for example:  during deployments, production support, and maintenance.

Post Sale Follow up:

It’s essential for every business to follow-up with their customers after the sale. There are multiple reasons to do this. First, they would know how the solution/product is working for them This would educate the business about the customer issues and address what needs to be improved. Second – There is always an opportunity to upsell. Enhance the service to the customer.  Lastly, ask for references, a happy customer will always be willing to share his experience with their friends/ family for the business to gain more leads.

The process does not end here. There are different strategies for different companies

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I am from India, worked there for 11 years reached top of the corporate hierarchy and realized I was earning well but not too happy about the monotonous job. I was crazy enough to quit my job and a big paycheck and move to the United Staes for further education. Earned by MBA from Dallas Baptist Uni and I currently work for an Enterprise Solutions Company. In search of the real me, I started building a Product based on Social Media – Artificial Intelligence with a couple of friends and during this I joined –  SMU Cape Digital Marketing Certification Program – to make sure I have a deep understanding of what I am about to build and how I need to operate on a Product Standpoint.

I love to read, write ( I am a Part-time Blogger) travel, explore new places, meet new people and eat new food. I like this journey while  I just want to add value to at least a  few peoples lives and work with people who can bring the best out of me and contribute a little to make this world a better place.