where people come to live, work, play and build

Addison Texas Is Where People Come to Live, Work, Play and Build

The greatest tiny town in North Texas is where it all comes together. It is Addison, Texas where people come to Live, Work, Play, and Build.

The Town of Addison also boasts these unique features. These attract those seeking to Live, Work, Play and Build:

  • ♦ Addison is so technologically progressive it was named “Google’s 2014 E-City for the State of Texas.”where people come to live, work play and build
  • ♦ More than 500,000 fans of fireworks and fun come to Addison each year for Addison KABOOM TOWN! AOL.com ranks it in the top three fireworks shows in the nation.
  • ♦ Addison has more restaurants per capita than any city in the U.S. There are 230 restaurants and a population of only 15,800.
  • ♦ Forbes named Addison Oktoberfest, among the most authentic in the U.S.
  • ♦ Addison Airport is among the busiest General Aviation airports in Texas. It is home to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum and the largest collection of flying warbirds in the Southwest.
  • ♦ Among dozens of other awards, D Magazine named Addison’s Water Tower Theatre Best Theater in Dallas.
  • ♦ Addison Vitruvian Lights sparkle with its free Christmas light event. In addition, millions of beautiful twinkling lights shine during a month-long celebration.
  • ♦ Addison is home to over 150 special events per year, therefore activities and entertainment abound.
  • ♦ Green spaces are a key focus in Addison. Thus, Addison Parks are among the most beautiful in the state with more than 75,000 tulips planted each spring.
  • Public Artwork is abundant and strategically placed throughout the parks and community spaces.

Addison, Texas Is Where People Come to Live, Work, Play and Build

where people come to live, work, play and buildNearly 16,000 residents enjoy this town that combines the vibrant lifestyle of a large city with the ease of small town life. Add to this an ongoing climate of success and goodwill. This is what attracts residents, businesses, and visitors to Addison. Companies like Nerium and Bottle Rocket Apps have more than doubled their headquarters space in the last year. Addison’s unique partnership with The DEC, Addison Treehouse, is a ground-breaking incubator for small businesses. As a result, smart entrepreneurs choose Addison.

Finally, high-quality redevelopment projects attract a young, diverse highly educated population. One of Dallas’ foremost ‘starter’ communities’ people know it as a great place to start a career, start a relationship, start a family, or start a business. Is there any wonder that Addison, Texas Is Where People Come to Live, Work, Play and Build!

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