What Is Snapchat? – A Millennial Perspective to Baby Boomers

Filtered selfies are the easy answer to the question what is Snapchat? Addressing every app with the umbrella term ‘social media’ doesn’t makes you understand the uniqueness of each platform. The way you interact varies per app as each one holds its own personality, culture, and reason to unlock.

So… What is Snapchat?

The home of highlight reels, selfies, and boredom lets users share a slice of life in real-time. A Snap self-destructs after being opened and stories disappear within 24 hours, so nobody deals with old content.What is Snapchat pool Snap

Users can stage a fun time, but they can’t create illusions. The app does not provide Photoshop capabilities: your zit will remain on your selfie. But hey, usually at least one face filter will cover that up!

Dating, well “talking,” becomes easier. Millennials will never call their crush on the phone; and, now they avoid texting. Snapchat’s casual demeanor gives users the confidence to reach out because if their crush chooses to not respond, at least there is little evidence to show of the failed attempt.

Lastly, users welcome your funny and sloppy self with open arms. Forget social politics of liking or purposely not liking somebody’s post (something that happens a lot on Instagram), because the app merely keeps track of views. A view can happen accidentally, meaninglessly, harmlessly. So, if you can produce entertaining content, all of your friends will watch.

Nothing comes close to Snapchat’s world of raw life snippets. Maybe Instagram could not compete with Snapchat when they adopted the stories feature because they have created a too picture-perfect world on their platform?

Why do you love Snapchat? Sound off in the comments!

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