Marketing Snapchat Stories

Have you considered marketing Snapchat stories for your brand?

If you haven’t , it’s time to look at the latest tools and consider marketing Snapchat stories. What the heck is a Snapchat story and how does one even relate this story to a brand?   A Snapchat Story is different from a Snapchat message. A Snapchat message disappears within one to ten seconds. A Snapchat story is a photo or a video that you post to your Snapchat story section that remains available for viewing over and over again for 24 hours.

Marketing Snapchat Stories

How and when can we use Snapchat stories for a business or a brand? There have been some incredible success stories by several brands and businesses that have used a Snapchat story effectively. Let’s look at some of the scenarios where a Snapchat story could be worthwhile. Snapchat stories work well when a business wants to run contests, announce new product peaks, distribute coupons, provide behind the scenes stories, and send targeted videos.
Some of the bigger name brands already marketing Snapchat stories and doing a good job are McDonalds, Taco Bell, Sour Patch Kids, Acura, Free People and even General Electric. Let’s take a look at one of Acura’s successful uses of Snapchat stories.  Acura utilized the Snapchat stories to feature a new product peak for its Acura NSX.   Acura used a teaser promotion and they sent the first 100 Snapchat followers unseen video footage of its NSX prototype in action. Check out the Acura NSX Snapchat campaign here. Another brand that has found success with marketing Snapchat stories is Free People in retail.  Free People uses Snapchat for sneak peaks at their upcoming clothing lines and behind the scenes images. See one of Free People’s effective snaps here.  Snapchat stories have multiple uses that can effectively fit into many brand marketing campaigns, it’s time to give Snapchat a second look.







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