The Secret to Work

Let yourself breathe and imagine the possibilities

Let yourself breathe and imagine the possibilities

Imagine if the idea of work was something you never had to consider. There was no such thing as TGIF. No worry about completing meaningless tasks with no value or purpose. You simply did what you love to do. You felt energized and motivated when Monday morning came around and you looked forward to attacking every day.

To many, if not most of us, the concept of never working a day in our life may seem like a fantasy. A dream scenario never realized except by the 1 in a million that wins the lottery. The retail clerk, factory worker or office pro who punches a clock, does the required work and at 5 o’clock calls it a day. The person who does what’s expected, meets their obligations and at the end of a long career looks back and says I did what I did for the time that I had.

But what if we changed this sobering scene by adding one word to your mindset. A word so profound you only need to embrace it to change your life forever. Would you do it? Of course you would – at least in theory. Want to know what the word is? It’s passion. I know you scoffed and thought passion, really, how can one word make a difference in who I am and what I do? And frankly, why should I care?

The word passion means “a strong and barely controllable emotion; a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.”   So ask yourself, when you think about passion what comes to mind? Is it a person? Is it an object? Or is it a feeling that ignites your senses, a spiritual presence or is it something else? Perhaps it’s something you love to do? An activity that makes you feel good or great. It’s something you do just because and you could care less if it brought you any rewards. You do it because of the way it makes you feel, the gratification and inner joy it provides.

Do you think Steve Jobs was passionate about what he did?

Do you think Steve Jobs was passionate about what he did?

Now take that passion that pervades your soul and gives you a sense of being  and let it be your life’s work. That’s right, let it become your definition of “9 to 5” and what you do. But I have to warn you, when you marry your passion with what you do, the concept of work melts away. Words like obsessed, intense, and driven quickly replace words like mundane, boring and unfulfilling. You’ll find an inner spirit that comes alive and takes hold of your persona like a powerful drug.

So how, you might ask, do you define your passion? It’s easy, you ask yourself one question, “If money were no object, what would I do?” Allow yourself to breathe, to sit back and imagine the places where others share your passion. Remember passion breeds passion. Or as Anthony Robbins said, “There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete, a scientist, a parent or a businessperson.”

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